Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poignant Positivity

in quest of a new conquest.

i flutter my wings, take flight and perch on a new domain.

my voice, my space, my vision. here, its all about me.

it may be quite pronounced and will phonate a feeling that im on an ego trip.

but id rather admit that i feel that i am no joe blogg.

and yeah, nothing solaces me more than the vision of myself in my eyes.

the more higher i visualise myself, the more are the altitudes that i scale in actual.

its how positive you think of yourself that will determine how positive your tryst with life would be.

what is the recipe for success? if one would ask.

the answer is quite dew-eyed-
just a pinch of self belief,
a mindful visualisation of actual achievement of the task,
and a soulful of hope for the best...
and yippee! bob's your uncle, you have achieved success.

what heart truly yearns,the nature learns,
thoughts perspire, the limitless space conspires,
the space impregnates the vacuum between thoughts and passion,
and gestates it to the desired fruitful action.

if you believe you can, you will.

if you believe you cant, refer to the atlas...

this is just not the road you should be in...

it works! all you have to do is get your brain in gear.


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