Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who Owns Her

she was born in me. i was born in her. she is in me. and she is growing. she is bombay. my beloved.

im a tambrahm. can hardly speak marathi. so im scared. i fret. i fear.

i fear that id have to leave her. someday some so called 'son of her soil' will deprive me of her to impress a small section of people and thereby build an encashable votebank.

some are wise, whereas some - otherwise.

northindians were beaten up. cabbies were slapped. and the media was 'invited' to witness the agony of people running for life.

religion, caste, creed nothing mattered to mumbaites until now.

her spirit persisted. her empathy overflowed. she had no bias.
all were her's. she was all's.

but heres an attempt to change this for personal benefit. she is being raped. raped in the name of regional discrimination. her efforts to treat every one on equal ground is threatened by people who selfishly seek a higher ground.

mumbadevi, bom baia, bombay, mumbai... names change.

times change. values dont.

her resilience has been celebrated. she will pass through this phase too.

she belongs to someone who respects her and all who are within her. the ones who are making noise now and blowing their trumphets about being true mumbaites, with this act have proved that they are no way related to mumbai or the spirit of mumbai.



Prashit said...

Interesting post. According to me, this controversy ill timing. If certain sect of people believed that Mumbai is only for Marathi manus, where were they when north Indians or for that matter anyone from outside Mumbai / Maharashtra came and settled in this city?
If today we are talking about globalization does viewpoints like these should be really considered? I was writing an essay for my college admission recently and have shown how this plurism has benefited me and other at large.

Abhinav said...


Abhinav said...

BTW in the parlance of literati of the city, I've never seen Mumbai mentioned. It has always been Bombay.

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

I do not agree with Abhinav though.

People took to 'Kolkata' and 'Chennai' very easily. Why the reluctance to using 'Mumbai' then?

In my opinion, there is a certain section of people who do not love Mumbai. Who do not have the affection and gratitude for the city they've grown up in - age-wise or career-wise.

And perhaps this 'agitation' was aimed at them.

Abhinav said...

@Aditya Joshi: Kolkata was named by Bengalis; it was their city. Nobody can argue that Calcutta belongs to the Bengalis. But I doubt if Mumbai belongs to Marathis. The contribution of Marathis to Bombay is not substantial, not in the least definitive. But analysis apart, the truth of the matter is that Bombay still remains the name the city is known by. Mumbai has mostly been used to refer to the ghetto. I remember asking a journalist who no more lives in the city why she had mentioned Mumbai as her city on her blog and she replied that even journalists make mistakes sometimes, exacting as they are. There are many other incidents like this one. But the conclusion is the same. Bombay belongs to no one particular community for her to be appropriated by them.

Let's not talk of this in terms of this incident of politiking as an agaitation. The bloody T had to do it in the same week that Baba Amte passed away. It just goes to show what respect he has for his own people for him to even bother with judging other communities.

Aaditya M. Joshi said...


i do not agree with your comment - 'The contribution of Marathis to Bombay is not substantial, not in the least definitive.'

It's ignorance at work..

Aaditya M. Joshi said...


We both read Harish's blog. And like it. Atleast on these grounds, let's please end the dhishum-dhishum here...


*Aham* said...

my abhi and adi,

it feels nice that a post could spark up a discussion. the world is big enough to accomadate all our views. i prefer calling her bombay, some one else might prefer calling her mumbai... but the fact remains that we all love our beloved city. who has contributed how much cannot be measured, for most is undocumented and unsung.

we all condemn what T did to the nothis in our city. i wouldve been happy if he did the same with the anti social goons who have set base in ulhasnagar side areas after being thrown out of their city of origin,but he sought a soft target... a docile cabbie.

lets not fulfill T's dream. all that he wants is to create a difference of opinion and you guys are helping him with his mission.

lets not waste our time on who has contributed how much.

lets understand, that this is our motherland.

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