Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barkha Dutt and Me.

i've seen her on tv and have been mesmerised by her talent. i always wished for an opportunity to sit beside her. i wasnt as fascinated to be in her show as much as i was to be with her. and hurray, i got the opportunity to be a part of "we the people". i landed at the venue with my friend tony whom i had met just 10 minutes back for the first time. there was a lot of confusion this day. first we got the news that the show was called off as barkha's secretary had passed away. but minutes later i got a call from bharti from ndtv who informed me that te show is going to be shot as per schedule. i a cozy seat and found some great company in students of sies nerul, their professor avinash mantri was known to me, he used to teach at khalsa college. and i had tony mere baaju mein, who was great company, we were like minded and we got along like a house on fire.
barkha came in in the same kind of attire that i had last seen her from a distance at the national university of singapore (nus) auditorium when she was awarded thh best newsperson of the year at the asian tv awards. she was bubbly as ever. no one could tell that she had been through a personal crises just a few hours ago. and teh show started. shobha de, maureen wadia, shiv were in the panel. the topic was "does materialism define the new india". it was more for the publicity of shobha's book "superstar india" i guess. but whatever be the reason the topic was relevent. though i also agree with shiv when he says that these topics sound like b grade scripts in a time when in near future there are going to be wars fought for water and food.
here's the clip of the show. Click Here


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Gayatri Viswanath said...

i watched the show and i was not comfortable with the way the discussion was tagged as 'alternate sexuality'. The very title is suggesting an 'othering'. Homosexuality is not an alternate sexuality to heterosexuality, again sticking to heterosexuality as the normative one.

I thought barkha dutt was ruining it, but was saved by the participants.

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