Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Amn't Born To Virgins!

sex is the reason for our survival. i mean, i wasn’t born to virgins. my parents had sex. and your parents did too. not all of us are test-tube babies or immaculate conceptions. we all are sexual beings.

the government has realized the need to have sexually responsible citizens. a step towards the same, they have introduced sex education in class 9 and 11.

better late than never. but i guess that this will not be implemented smoothly. some perverted individuals who claim to be the torchbearers of morality would stand against it. and they should, why shouldn’t they. its their job to oppose anything that they practice on a daily basis. hindi films have made us aware about a variety of issues, and the corruption and the politicos want for sleazy sex. films how-much-ever fabricated, are a fruit of the thoughts of a thinker who draws inspiration from what-t s/he sees around her/him. so i am cocky about the cock headed assoles who love to lust, but hate if people speak about it.

those very pious minds, whom we call social reformers or politicians, who are woman worshippers, who have spent their lives with godly words like matherchod and bhenchod which form a part of their divine lingo, would oppose sex education.

realistically speaking (minus the sarcasm), this initiative is bold. it is much needed. i have a few facts about my own personal experience. my life could’ve been much easier if i was sexually educated. here are a few things that run in the mind of a 10 year old who goes though the ordeal of sex abuse.


  • i thought that all kids go through sex abuse
  • i thought the only way that we could know about sex, is to be tutored by some perverted uncle
  • my mother believed that only the girl child needs to be protected
  • i thought that kids are born from the stomach
  • i thought a smooch was enough for making someone pregnant
  • i thought i got thin because all my energy went off in the form of sperm
  • i thought that every man has sex with other men, but finally had to get married to a woman
  • i thought that if the penis is inserted inside a vagina, the woman would die
  • i thought that if a woman says "mujhe bhagwaan ke liye chod do" kind of dialogues, she was being raped
  • i thought that rape was when a mans frontal collided with a woman’s frontal and the woman had a cut on the joint of her lips

so many myths enveloped a virgin mind of ten. though then, i lived an asexual lifestyle, eventually my vagabondish mind found out the right answers. (now i’m gay not because of abuse, but because i feel this way, and this is my orientation)

if myths need to be busted, truth needs to be told, then sex education HAS to be introduced.

sex is not all about fantasy and pornography. it is science.



priyanka said...

well 'AHAM' whtever u have written makes real good sense because im really fed up of this insane moral policing when the people who carry out this stuff are juz not ligible enough to understand what moral policing is....hope to see more of your thoughts n ideoligies on the blog....keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

interesting writeup but i would want to see a follow-up...we need solutions man! how exactly do u propose to change the mindset of the people...yes to sex education for everyone but how do we get them to allow their kids to attend such do we make them be more open about such important issues?

manorath said...

hmm.. this sex education and the agitation against it.. these perverted peopl.. they see things with their sex starved eyes.. in my college wi fi, the word sex is banned and google wont display search results for sensex.. height of ignorance in a college which features in top 10 engg colleges every year.. how can kids speak for themselves whn they get abused by an uncle whom they believe is for their good?? may be these politicians are like those uncles doing this abuse and wants the state to b jus like this..

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