Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fother Muckers: TV Channels Capitalising On Sensationalism

aghast! i was, seeing the way the channels depicted the riots in bombay yesterday. the sikhs were disturbed and they were with daggers in mulund station in central mumbai and disrupted the trains and scared the commuters. me, being the product of a sikh institution, quite relate to them, but also understand that this is no way to protest. sikhs, as i know personally, are one of the most humane people in the world. hospitality and sensitivity runs in their blood. an act like this by some, brings shame to me who has imbibed the humanitarian sikh values.

my dear sikh brothers, "essence of wisdom is service to humanity". an "eye for an eye would leave the nation blind". there are better ways to protest which could be humane. and the sensible people that we are, this act is definately dissappointing. something not expected of you.

but whats more disappointing, is th way the channels aaj tak and newsx depicted the whole agitation. there is something known as "media social responsibility". which i am sure, both these channels fail to understand. previously aajtak invited the wrath of the gay community by shamefully trying to trouble some kids who were partying. the details of which are here. and now this.

aaj tak, i thought was a sensible channel. how could you. with such good shows in aaj tak why this blot. why?

these two channels showed people from the sikh community causing damage to the railway tracks and scarring people with daggers. and post that they showed the sikhs being beaten up by the police brutally. why cant these channels understand that this will instigate the already furious sikhs to take to the streets and cause chaos. and now, i will not blame the sikhs, as a product of khalsa, even i was angry looking at the way the sikhs were beaten up. videos of a women pleading to the police to spare her husband from the lathi charge and a sikh man beaten up repeatedly by the police, would infuriate anybody.

dear channels, educated as you are, (i suppose) could you please decide on what to show and what not. ndtv didnt show this video. i didnt see the video on times now. they were sensible. not as insensitive as you guys. shame on you guys, for behaving so insensitively for trp's. newsx doing something like this is definitely not pardonable on humanitarian grounds, but as compared to aajtak you are very new. aaj tak, yes the number 1 channel you are, but the way things are heading, im sure, you guys will become another india tv.
shame on you.
do you guys feel that the genral public is dumb. (on second thoughts, i might agree that people who act on impulse without thinking are infact dumb... arnt they?)

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Kush said...

Bang on! Thanks Ahem for voicing your anger and frustration with crass reportage.

Two nights ago I was watching "India Rising", a video documentary on PBS (a non-profit public broadcasting television service here in the US). Every Indian in the show from the clerks to the people in politics to the naive homemakers interviewed were all praises for the economic prosperity in our country. Some even went on to proclaim that its time for the Indians to tell the US and the West that "we have finally arrived".

Of course, this was how India wants to be seen in the West - India swelling with pride (NOT gay pride of course); India rising in prosperity (NOT intellectual prosperity per se) and India promising better prospects (NOT equal prospects most definitely).

These are interesting times. There is "wealth" yet there is "despair". There is "growth" yet there is "insecurity". And finally, there is an "imagined" India and then there is a "real" India.

My belief is that with wealth, growth and prosperity comes accountability. And sadly, while our country is seeing a lot of each of the former, there is very little accountability. All of us are truly going crazy.

The Indian in me is happy seeing that poverty will one day be gone and that people will be able to afford the material luxuries; but then the Indian in me is also concerned that our country and our people need to be more circumspect and there has to be an overall self-discipline.

Its a mixed-feeling. For the moment, I am looking forward to reading what the media reports on planned "Queer Parade" next week. Fingers crossed!

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