Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Penis, Mightier Than The Sword!

authored by me are some messages and quotes for and about the man(un)kind:
  • "too much vagina causes angina" (so become a penis loyalist instead)
  • "a man's soul is where the hole is. it doesn't matter whose hole. its a hole and that solely matters to man's soul" (men are "try"sexual beings)
  • "penis, mightier than the sword" (man and ego are synonyms of each other)
  • "thank god. she has made men without a hymen"
  • "queers dont stray. men dont go out to play. (and i dont lie... or do i?)"
  • "men look for oranges as they are bored of fondling peanuts all their life"
  • "men who brag about their elasticity often forget the cavity that opened three times its size to get them out to this world" (speak about elastic egos, speak about men)



Kush said...

I have been reacting to your postings for some time now. What's funny is that you bring up issues at a time when either I have been reading about similar concerns or have been penning my own thoughts on them differently.

This time your posting on "Pen(is) Mightier..." takes me to my (elementary) reading of Freud and his theory of sexual difference around the penis. Just a refresher, Freud understood sexual difference to be a result of presence or absence of penis. Accordingly, both male and female suffered from what he called the "castration complex". For males this implied a fear of being castrated and for females, it resulted into "penis envy". Whats interesting is that Freud believed that all humans were thus innately bisexual, and that they become heterosexual or homosexual as a result of their experiences with parents and others (Freud, 1905).

I personally don't agree that "experiences with parents and others" alone play a role in sexual orientation; but what I do know is for generations now, our patriarchal society has hailed everything "masculine" and condemned anything "feminine". No wonder, even women are either not given or selectively given an equal standing.

Before I log out, here is something which I thought you might find interesting.

Watch "Youngest Brother Has the Highest Chance To Be Gay" parts 1 and 2 on YouTube. These are parts of a feature 60 minutes on "Gay or Straight" aired on CBS news two years ago. I loved the presenter although I have my reservations on stereotypical "pink is gay" relation.

It would be great to get back your reactions.

Have fun!

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

Witty... slightly vulgar. fun to read.

"men look for oranges as they are bored of fondling peanuts all their life"

the 'conservative me' went 'ewwww' after every quote. nevertheless, had a good time reading them :p. (That's how it is.)

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

LOL... elastic ego! This one I gotta make my hubby read!

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