Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be A Flintstone!

I knew the taste of semen.
When I was barely seven.

I didn't know how to react against the act,

Though I did detest, I didn't protest.

Against incest.

Blame me! Me then, a virgin mind of 7.
Is that all that you can do?
When I was fretting with fear,
Where the hell were you?

I had transformed from child to whore,
I had too many wounds.
And all, so sore.

And yes, I did detest, but didn't know how to protest.

In pain was I,In pain was I,
I wished to die.
And failed, when I did try.

I did detest. And I did know that this was no way to protest.

"Why you didn't tell any?", now people ask.
I did attempt the daunting task.

Couldn't tell momma in detail, as was scared,
"Boy you are, it happens only to girls"
I was told when to tell a little, I dared.

There was in my heart, a dent, a hole…
I asked myself,
a little child was I then,
"A hole! Is all that's needed to satiate that man's soul."

I grew then, in despair,
Trying to mend the pieces of my heart that were beyond repair.

When others were chasing skirts,
I was at life's outskirts.

When others were admiring bosoms,
I yearned for a life in full blossom.

I did detest. But thought ‘I'd not find support anyways so why protest?’

It was then, when came to me, a bundle of joy,
I said to him, "you be my kid, I'll be your toy"
Four legs he had, and also a tail.
He licked my tears and listened to my throbbing tale.
He set my life on a smooth sail.
I then mustered the courage to get up and dance,
I wanted to give life another chance.

No similes and no metaphors could exemplify what I wanted to tell,
The gush of emotions, in me that dwelled.

I mustered the courage.

I did detest. And, I did protest. I did win the test.

Now, I wish not to be a flicker of flame,
for gusty winds often blow
I wish to ...Be a flintstone,
Find a flintstone.
So I just have to hit it on,
And a spark could show.
I speak it aloud, for the whole world to hear,
"Those who sail in the same boat, come, let's get near"

Let's rain hope for the ones who are sapped and drained.
Let's raise our voice against the insane.

From darkness to hope.
Let's take them atop life's slope.

Let's not say, that the world is bad.
We are the world. And we are together clad.

The world could be better.
The world could be better.
Yes things could be fine.

If we rise up together in this world. Thats actually kind.
Against the man (un)kind.

We did detest. We did protest. We did unite for those in distress.

~ Aham

written long back.. when i first started speaking up about abuse. 


Richa said...


Anonymous said...

wah ! wah!......

not bad yaar...oiyee desi shakespeare eh ?....lol

thaliyan.... ()


Priya said...

i'm touched ya....u've got me on this one.....mere rongte khade ho gaye......true hai ya fiction doesn't matter but it's deep n touchin......i'm proud of u sweetie...muah

Sharmistha Nath said...

Very few people have the quality of expressing so many emotions on paper…you are one of them..you are truly gifted …until now I never read anything that could stir my emotions like how your words did….im truly proud of knowing you ….Good Job Done!!!! HATS OFF!!!

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Wow... mere bhi rhongte khade ho gaye while reading this! Aham' tussi great ho!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So touching.. Keep up the good work dude!

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