Sunday, July 06, 2008

Constructive Furtiveness

lives of others has always interested me.  so did voyerism. i loved taking a peep into the windows of neighbours who lived in the opposite building. not that i was lucky every time. mostly though, i got to see nothing at all. poor me. :(

but now, with the advent of technology, i have found more tech savvy ways. yes, shamelessly i admit, i love watching other people do atrangi things on webcam. sleazy voyeurism. wao! yahoo chat ki jai ho. slowly slowly, i got used to it and it became a routine. watching others "live" was definitely more exciting than watching porn. then one day, my webcam went phusssss  it stopped working. and i didnt find the time to get a better webcam or getting my webcam back on order. so, that stopped. people stopped sending me "view my webcam" requests, as it now was one sided. and i am with them, exhibitionism and voyeurism go together. my supposed paraphilia came to a halt. 

so i thought of experiencing some intellectual orgasms. peeping into peoples blogs was so much of a reprieve.

i loved sour apple martini, less because of the fact that viks joshi is my debutant crush, more because, he writes so so well.

aaditya, again a joshi, is an obsessive compulsive blogger, he has christened me "blog maa" as i did a very minuscule act of guiding him through blogspot when he took his baby steps. adi writes about so many issues, and so often, some i respond to, some i dont, but i regularly visit his blog, just wish he writes about sex of the many other issues that dwell in his blog.

one of my recent blog-fixations is shobhaa de's blog, about de... i always believed of her having huge airs about her being a celeb. but she is ekdam ulta. i responded to a comment on her blog and prompt came a response to my views. i love the fact that i know of someone who is a celeb, but yet is not averse to interacting with someone online on a personal basis. bravo de. :-)

kush is my newest blogdost he responds to evry post of mine, and if he doesnt, i remain upset till he finally writes something. selfishly, i never visited his blog. just kept saying thanks, thanks to his comments,  and expressed my views to him. but when i did visit his blog yesterday, i was amazed, he has fully formed views about things, something that i dont have. 

sheetal bhan kher and praful baweja have kind of started experiencing a menopause as far as teh blogging sphere is concerned. sheetal ka hindi sometimes goes over my head, praful, saale i love your blog so much, saale kitna tarsaayega. 

i have found so many friends through blogs. i dont know how would kush think of me when i meet him or will shobhaa de ignore me if i meet her on some social do. but i definitely know that they are all my friends, and i love them for what they are. "blogdost". 


Kush said...

Reading your post this time round has put a wide smile on my face. I was pleasantly surprised to see me and my "week-old" blog being referenced in your posting. Thank you Aham, that's extremely thoughtful of you.

On a more engaging note, your post this time has also pushed me to think of blogging as an "erotic" act. Borrowing Surrealist Bataille's notion of "eroticism as the pleasure of excess rather than the excess of pleasure" (1962), I am thinking that perhaps the blogosphere appeals to each one of us because in many ways it is replete with "excess" of mind, body and individual experiences.

Bataille had defined "pleasure" as a double concept, involving both mind and senses and "eroticism" as both a universal concept as well as a particular and personal experience. Thus, if reading a blog is sheer erotic pleasure; a blog is then an ultimate erotic object - where individuals chose to raise issues that may be universal in their appeal but are filtered through the lens of personal experiences.

Finally, whether you define this erotic act by "peeping", reading or simply browsing, the pleasure of blogging is all yours.

Any thoughts?

*Aham* said...

:) Kush

blogging is what i call an "intelectual orgasm". it gives you a high as much as erotism does... just that in this case its only mentally stimulating. I am with Bataille's views of erotism being a personal experience, like blogging.

yes "a blog is then an ultimate erotic object - where individuals chose to raise issues that may be universal in their appeal but are filtered through the lens of personal experiences."

smiles :-)

mindbodysoul said...

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SMM said...

Yes blogs do tell us alot about others. For some it is their unofficial shrink while for others it is their diary and for others just a mode of posting their views and making it known to the world.

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

Thanks. Felt nice to find a mention on the celebrated blog. :-)

diksha said...

menopause ur ass....
do ya misch mee???

nice one

*Aham* said...


i dont answer stupid questions for which answers are obvious.


Kris Bass said...

Aw, I feel ignored!

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