Friday, July 18, 2008

"I Am The Change" Film Project: The Power Of A Camera.

If one has the power to dream, and to believe in it. Nature would conspire to fulfill the dream. Right from raj kapoor and before to aamir khan and beyond; they all dreamt a dream many had dreamt, there was nothing special in their dreams, but what was special was their belief that the dream is achievable, realizable. So when some slept and the others wept; these people kept up to the promises that they made to their dreams, that "I shall see you, not only I, but the whole world would, for you my dream have made my mind your abode and I shall see that you move from mind to camera… to reel to real."

"Dreams are a blue print of reality."

Dream with a belief that it will be realized, never let self pity drown you. Never let pessimism envelope you.

I have seen what I have dreamt, more than what I have dreamt of that I have seen.

As is the case with most of us, just the difference is that some are fortunate enough to hold a mirror that captures life. The mirror- the camera.

Needless to say, a great tool for humankind it is. And film making competitions like "I am the Change" offer the perfect pretext for someone to run off from the hustle-bustle and use the camera to spin a yarn and weave the fabric of cinema. We should use the camera as a medium to capture the right emotions and create a relation of "no sympathy" but "empathy" with the audience. This wasn't just a film it was the voice of an ngo or a cause. It was not just another movie made with passion to add to ones show reel. It was a tale. A throbbing tale. A tale that many told so well. That we felt in unison with reality. Of something that we all are so alienated oft times.

"The medium of films give you the power to induce change and to change the change"

Happy transformation!


Divita said...

dreams hold a very important position in my life, i dream recklessly, day night, consciously sub-consciously unconsciously, vicariously living my desires sometimes, only to make them come true for my dreams always come true.


When i read your post..I was thinking of "dreams"..and kurasova..The silver screen is our own minds...
keep posting..

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