Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Maxim’s Incorrect

worldly wisdom tells us "kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padtha hai." but the moment some one tells me this, a lot of ifs and buts surround my mind in rebellion of the same.

we have one life, we cant afford to make compromises, i believe that to achieve something one need NOT lose something. achievement is not philanthropy. its no charity. its no measure of material success.

its in fact the might of the heart to go where it actually wants to go with no fear or funk of what lies ahead.

so aspire to fulfill your hearts true desire.

relentlessly and progressively, surge ahead.

anyways success is preordained when "the matters of the heart" become "the heart of the matter".




Kush said...

Let me be a little provocative here. Is compromise always about losing something? Are "compromise" and "achievement" always antithetical?

In my opinion "compromise" does not always hold a negative connotation. Compromise in a close and dear relationship for example, is about settling differences by mutual agreement. And this is perhaps, the greatest "achievement" for and in that treasured relationship. It is marked by the replacement of "I" with "we". What you lose then is not your self-worth but your heightened ego + what you give up then is your conceit and what you gain is humility. To me compromise in this sense is a mark of high accomplishment.

Finally, I think maxims are dangerous if thought of as blanket rules alone. We need to "appropriate" them through the lens of specific situations. Only then, would we be able to decide if a particular maxim/principle/truism holds any merit.

[Smiling] Are you provoked?

*Aham* said...

Hahaha, keep trying kush, i wouldnt say its impossible, but its definitly a very arduous task to get me provoked. especially, because, i do look at things from an other proint of view and am not so very stuck-on to a particular line of thought.

yes, compromise doesnt have to hold a negative connotations always. looking at it verily, compromises give the necessary bouyancy to a relation. inuring is a task that every relation should go through. just that, when one starts becoming a braggadocion, and equates it with beneficence it becomes rather too annoying, be it in relations or in achievements. isnt it kush?

Kush said...

Well, braggadocio or empty boasting is always super annoying. But I don't see how it connects with your maxim in question.

People who encourage the use of worldly wisdoms are preachers; and even if they don't practice what they preach they would still not be braggarts cause bragging is about an imagined self-view and not about a worldview.

*Aham* said...

dear kush,

i agree with you dear empty boasting is super annoying! the sucessful exhibitors (read preachers) brag about having sacrificed so much to achieve what they have. though as a matter of fact, preachings and practices are a tangent to each other, in most cases. im yet to meet a person who says "life has been smooth, i am plain lucky" though it manier cases is so.

:-) smiles

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