Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mehbooba ("My Booba") Revisits Newtons First Law

i have to share this with all my readers, more than prateik babbar and imraan khan and the pathak shah family, there was something else that kept me smiling for a long long time post interval. the promo of "mehbooba". what a promo man, what a promo! here are some breathtaking shots. awesome ones!

shot: sanjay dutt in black shirt and black pant and black goggles, manisha koirala in a red saree and an awful red bindi, he tries kissing her, she runs away, in typical indian bride avataar.

shot: suddenly, she starts feeling horny, she communicates that so very well, she shakes her head, her bum, then her tummy, and then her bosom.

shot: he gets into the act, he kisse her neck and down below... and goes down further... buzz, the scene changes. manisha gives an orgasmic pose as sanjay goes down on her. (section 377. arrest them)

shot: ajay devgan comes riding a chariot with 4 horses. bhishma pitamaah in todays world.

shot: ajay devgan, suddenly is seen atop a chandelier with a very constipated look which shows his apathy. all down below watch him helplessly. they look constipated too. (what are you looking at. call the fire brigade. assoles.)

shot: ajay devgan is shown wearing the same black outfit that sanjay dutt wore. which will leave you wondering, was that sanjay, or is this ajay... hold on, hold on.. who is who.

shot:ajay devgun in a flourescent yellow shirt.a top shot. i feel the place is switzerland. locales look good. really.

shot: manisha koirala coming on screen wearing a black belly dance wala dress, her bums are seen oscillating faster than pendulums. the whole ambiance is orange. nitin desai, has done such a wonderful job, see to believe.

now the big question. why is this movie called "my booba". manisha koirala's bosom demonstrates newtons law of inertia which says "A particle will stay at rest or continue at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force." in this movie, the director has used manisha koirala to prove the same, her bosom continues to move in the same velocity, until finally the external forces "ajay devgun's hand" or "sanjay dutt's hand" act against these forces.

this movie is a must watch for all science students. this pays respect to newtons laws of motion. watch this movie and you win a date with newton, in heaven.

please dont miss it. watch the video. here .

(please note: this isnt the same promo that was in the theatre)

all for laufs, hahaha



LOl i badly want to see this movie now! besides dunno no idea what prompted the director to release it now after so many years!
Manisha Koirala paved way to Ameesha patel these days. Newtons law applies well here too!
n My word this action has an upward reaction always ;-*

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

the trailer is funny..
the songs are funny..

..your blogpost is funny!!!

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

the trailer is funny..
the songs are funny..

..your blogpost is funny!!!

Kush said...

...two worlds, two films, two experiences and one blogosphere. Aham, call it uncanniness or just plain coincidence, but we both seemed to be loaded with reactions (however contrasting) to film/film clips that we saw this week.

Let me react through dualisms in "reel" life: "Mehbooba" versus "Main Zinda Hoon"; Manisha Koirala versus Deepti Naval; sexual excitement versus social frustration.

One, just when your "My booba" was making you puke at your film's female lead, my "Main Zinda Hoon" was making me sit up and take special notice of my film's female protagonist.

Two, Ms. Koirala in "My Booba" may have been sexually oscillating to refuel Newton's imagination but Ms. Naval in "Main Zinda Hoon" was socially oscillating to feed the Indian man's essential ego.

Three, atleast Mr. Devgan's or Mr.Dutt's hand was enough to stop Ms. Koirala's motion, but alas! there was nothing to end Ms. Naval's apathy.

Indian cinema surely oscillates endlessly between mind-numbing fantasy and intense "reel"ism. But to escape all of this, here's what some of us should do:

1. Watch Sudhir Mishra's "Main Zinda Hoon", if you haven't already.

2. Visit Deepti Naval's website and the webpage entitled "my friends". And Bingo! there are photos of both Ms. Koirala and Ms. Naval sharing the same picture-space.

Call it uncanniness or plain coincidence but in "real" life, the dualisms of the "reel" are surely subverted.

Phew! Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...


that was really hilarious made me LOL..

your sarcastic sense humor is really fantastic.

refreshing to again learn some of newton's laws...

wat bout newton's law " every action has an equal and opposite force"....any pratical examples for this law?


Prats said...


rahul said...

LMAO..wat a description..and dude it seems Physics was your fav. subject :)

*Aham* said...

hai na...

not so much... but some portions of physics yes... lol.

adee said...

bhai, u r confusing ur biology with ur physics and creating a chemistry that is producing the effects similar to that of uncontrolled, unrestrained, uncaliberated exposure to nitrous oxide
look am still laughing

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