Monday, July 14, 2008

The Most Embarassing Blogging Moment

i posted on my new and ageless blog dost shobhaa de's blog. i expressed my happiness and told her that i loved the fact that she empathised with the talwars in the case of the their daughter arushi's murder case, though previously she was against them for being so negligent and sleeping cozily in the room when their daughter was killed. i thought i had read that in bombay times.prompt came the reply to my post from de. she simply said "no sympathies for the talwars. read my article again. i wondered. i ran to my hall to check bombay times. and yes, she had infact written against the talwars negligence and carelessness. now that i have complimented her. i couldnt take the words back. i consider her to be a blog pal now, anyways, i could definitely have a difference of opinion with her. in fact, i guess,  she is someone who is open to difference of opinions. but i did a big mistake by complimenting her for something that she had not done. it could well be misinterpreted as a silly taunt. though i never meant to hurt her. 

this is not funny at all. i wouldnt have liked it a wee bit if someone behaved like that with me. i dont know how to react now. im feeling so ashamed. dont know how to react.


Kush said...

Dealing with embarrassment huh. How does one deal with it? When was the last time I was super embarrassed and how did I redeem that particular circumstance?


Well, let me try and help you from the specifics of your situation. Let’s say, your moment of embarrassment has stemmed from a disconnect between what you read and what the writer actually implied.

Aham, just as the eye sees what the mind wants to see; in a similar sense, sometimes the eye reads what the mind wants to read. So may be deep down, you wanted your "blogdost" Ms. De to be similarly empathetic to the tragedy as you were. Thus in your excitement, either you ate away a few of her words or her words conveyed an altogether different meaning to you.

Interpreting a text is always a plural exercise. The way you would read and understand it may not be the same as someone else who reads it and interprets it. In the post-structuralist sense, the writer always gives the benefit of the doubt to his/her reader and meaning is always shifting, plural and generated by a series of interpretations. Of course, this is not to say that the reader never muddles up but then, so does the writer sometimes.

Finally, as has been infamously said, "the written word is not a concrete object". That is your (mis)interpretation is not set in stone and I am sure Ms.De as a writer understands that. So relax. You have already redeemed the situation with your realization. Now just imagine Ms. De smiling with "Pride" (after all she is proud to have such a sensitive and earnest reader).

Does this help, Aham?

SMM said...

Hey we all have these moments where we end up with foot-in-mouth...just say a whooopise sorry. I don't think she's going to eat you up for making a mistake

*Aham* said...

yes, kush and smm, mistakes happen, and i suffer from a terrible "foot-in-mouth" disease. Thanks for your empathy, It came at the time when i need it the most.

kush, i so so much agree with you pal. yes "my eyes read what my mind wants to read". feel like giving you a hug kush.

when are you coming to bombay.

sanjuayyar said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog and saying a few good things on 'Chak De'. Would be happier if you could read a few of my posts and leave behind a genuine comment. BTW, you too seem to be a regular blogger. Will visit regularly. Kuch paane ke liye kuch bi khona nahin padta. Its all in the mind. And you dont need to be embarassed. Smile boy. Which agency you work for?

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

I wonder what De' thinks now, especially when CBI disclosed that nothing could be heard over the loud noise of the Air Conditioner! Have we forgotten about Aarushi already, what news of her? What thoughts of you and De'?

*Aham* said...

~ Arushi
yes Mole... probably there is so much of brand new murders and horrendous crimes vying for our attention and mindspace that Herstory is History. Too bad. Too bad that emphatically we are getting empathetically Immune.

And thanks to television channels, they bajao the same thing so many times with so much mirch masala and pudina...That we are getting realistically nihilistic.

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