Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Queerzaadi March! Students for Queer!

a day after independence day, on 16 august 2008, bombay will witness her first ever Queerzaadi march. the opportune time has come for the lgbt community and their straight supporters to hold our heads atop firmly with  mixed feelings of rebellion and exultation. rebellion, because there still exists an archaic law, section 377, that criminalizes homosexuality. exultation, because its an assembly of those who are not ashamed to be queer, or to have queer friends. they are in fact proud. very proud about the way they are, and the way their friends are. 

a year back it wouldnt have been possible for me to share the onus, this time i can. im out to practically everybody. i dont see a reason to flaunt my sexuality. but as and when the need arises i do open up.  i understand that i am just fortunate and lucky to have the privilege to speak my mind and be what i am with no fear.  but this sadly is not the case with all. 

queers dont wish to "experiment" with someone who is not their sexual choice just to behave straight. (or do you suggest that we queer should experiment sexually and spoil the otehr persons life? )queer are human. the queer feel love. they feel like holding on to someone from our own gender in full public view. they feel like lying on someones lap and playing with someones hair in a garden. they feel like dancing with people from their own gender. they feel love. we feel love.  

its not always about sex. but isnt making love also a part of love?

by the way, "is sex only for procreation, isnt it for recreation too?"

do straight couples have sex only when they decide to have a baby. is that what we define as natural? if so, then sex at all other times is wrong. isnt it?

"Students for Queer" 

there is now  a growing awareness for gay issues, 5 years back, things were different.  i wouldnt like to paint a pitiable picture of how grave the situations are now. because the fact is, that there is a lot of awareness. though, there is scope for much more. i in fact see a lot of young students, confident about their sexuality and openly supporting queer rights. i plan to mobilise this support for the Queerzaadi march. though this might sound like a daunting task, id not like to start with diffidence, but confidence. even if there are just 2 students for the march. id still celebrate the success.

a student or faculty ? are u ? does this cause concern you or your friends. would you like to just stay at home and watch the parade on tv or get up and join us in the march? well, you do have a choice. 

this is no ngo thingy. no philanthropy. just a personal thought. i feel like mobilizing students who think alike. if you donot. its still okie. i dont want to work overtime to convince you. but if you feel like joining me. you are most welcome. i am not going to speak to colleges and take permissions. but just float the thought. if you feel like supporting the thought personally. do join in.

what is "section 377"?

  • "Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable for a term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable to fine.


for more information, please visit the official Queerzaadi blog


Kris Bass said...

First of all, I'm not sure what to address you as. 'Aham' or 'Vikram' or 'Harish'?

I don't know why you posted this article here. Would students/faculty access this? Or are you going to colleges (where you are already known) & TV shows (where you might be invited) to propogate this?

On the lighter side, I'm technically a student and therefore I'm the first one to join you!

PS: I would dearly love to read the blog with capitalization. Somehow, the lowerscript version looks rather straight!

*Aham* said...

Dear Kris!

I love when people react to my posts. But I write this blog because I find it to be a liberating experiences. I write off my woes, my happiness, my views, and also use this as a podium for activism and awareness.

Regarding students and faculty. Yes, many of them visit my blog. they might not comment here often though. and even if there were no students visiting my blog, this post will help create awareness amongst the present visitors na.

Haan, if i am invited for some do. i will speak about the cause. and ask like minded people to join in. in fact, i am going to khalsa college tomorrow for a lecture, and am planning to speak about the march there.

Regarding my name. yeah vikram naam kahaan se mila... :-)

My real name is Harish Iyer, my pen name is Aham. You can call me either.

smiles :-)

SMM said...

Way to go dude....I totally agree. To each his own. The IPC was drafted in 1872, and today in the year 2008, keeping in tune with the changing laws the law also needs o change. in fact a friend of mine is on the team which is fighting for the amendment of 377

Kush said...

These are incredible times.

I think there are some very convenient and univeral myths that need to be adressed first:
Myth 1: "Gays have a lifestyle not a life"; and
Myth 2: "Gays have sex but not love".

Both these myths have reduced homosexuality to material and predatory ways of life. And to me this is hugely problematic.

As with any community, there is always that 10% which the media loves because of their exhibitionist lives. Both these myths may hold true for that 10% lot but for the rest, it has prevented the development of any comprehensive understanding of sexuality - both mainstream and alternate.

I firmly believe that sexuality is an invisible trait. But alas! from accessories to kinky undies, it seems "alternate sexuality" is time and again reduced to a fan-fare of use and throw items.

I would love for the "queerparade" to raise awareness on these issues. It would be tragic if this event is yet another loud parade missing "substance".

Good luck and I'll look forward to reading more on this. Thanks Aham for bringing this up.


Comfortably Numb said...

Every thing that must change must...errr..change :P

I mean no personal offense to the gay community but I really dont adore them. Not that I have a problem with them. But I am neutral and more importantly straight.


*Aham* said...

you echo my views. the 2 myths that you mentioned are teh primary reasons for people to discriminate or categorise amd label queer. Yes I am planning a substance parade and not merely a loud parade flaunting ones sexuality. if it is flaunting, it should be not minus sunstance. Agreed!

@ comfortably numb:

everyone is entitled to an opinion. I respect yours. And your line "Not that I have a problem with them..." states that you dont have an issue with my views either. I appreciate the fact that you choose to be neutral, and not thrust your view as the worldview. It takes a lot of maturity to react the way you have. Nice!

Kris Bass said...

Sorry, I think I got confused a little. And by the way, I was unable to attend the screening of short-films that you had invited me to.

[-V-] said...

comfortably numb has said what i wanted to say.

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