Thursday, August 14, 2008

GayZaadi (QueerZaadi) Ready-To-Print Posters

Here are a few posters made for all of those who wish to participate in the QueerZaadi/GayZaadi march and make a statement.

I have branded it as "friends of queer" deliberately as it might encourage people to join in without (or with less) apprehension. You don't have to be Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian/transsexual to join in. So the statement "Friends of Queer" and not "I am Queer". I have added an LGBT zindabad. I couldn't do away with the word Queer, though I respect De's views as QueerZaadi is how it is branded. What we can do now, is have a fantastic event so that the word and it no longer remains an abuse.

I had one of my colleagues asking me "are you starting a new organisation". No No, I am not planning anything like that. I consider myself to be very much a part of Gay Bombay, the yahoo group that actually helped me evolve and come to terms with my sexuality. I just wanted to do my bit for those who are not gay but wanted to express their support. I also have added some that the "Out" LGBT members could use.

I am a bigtime procrastinator. It was my colleague Rohit who made these creatives. Thank you Rohit.


Kris Bass said...

Very cool posters! I hope I can print at least one out!

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Excellent posters, I wish I was there... even in spirit, had I known! I recently started noticing AHAM, and dude you have talent, you have potential. Don't ever compromise... Don't ever give up. If nothing you have ME (Older Mole!)

amazed musings said...

kewl !! nice posters

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