Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "Jab We Met" Moment

let me admit. i never liked kareena kapoor. and definitely not so much ever before. (what she did in chameli or omkara, i dont feel was a killer performance) jab we met is a movie every cinema lover should see. i strongly recommend the movie to every pessimist. it will leave you with burbles of bubbling optimism. i in fact go a step further and compare her role with that of basanti’s in sholay. the only difference is basanti is basanti and geet is kareena kapoor. im not sure of how many people wanted to be basanti, but i know many who would love to be kareena (geet). not just women but men too. for once, not many were focusing on her snow white skin and cleavage. they saw her as a talent. imtiaz ali gets full marks for creating several anecdotes that one would find thrilling if replicated in real as in reel. and shahid (i don’t recollect his name in the movie) supported kareena very appositely in a seesaw of emotions, when she was down, he was high… when she was soaring he was down. finally, in the end they find collinear balance.

out of the blue, why i am speaking about jab we met? good question. this is because i also had tried to recreate a jab we met moment in my life. something like… going somewhere, but not knowing exactly where. yesterday, i was reminded of the same by a friend on the gay networking site g4m. (when i asked him when we are meeting, he replied, are you taking me to gorai. i never knew the world knew about my date in gorai. lol)

this was around a year back or so. i had been to a house party that ended at 4 am in the morning. we decided to leave to our respective houses. we all were in different rickshaws. i cuddled up to a friend in a rickshaw. suddenly, i remembered kareena of jab we met. from nowhere, i asked my friend if he is willing to come with me to gorai. at first he looked at me with a “have you gone mad” look on his face. but then after a moment of thinking, i found him excited about the idea. i had no clue of how to reach gorai and neither did he. we reached andheri station. we decided to go to borivalli. we ricked it down from borivalli to gorai. we asked people who were out on morning walks and some still so sleepy rick fellas for directions. they guided us well. and we trusted them completely. so at 4:30- 5 in the morning we ferried from gorai khadi to the beach. aboard the ferry we had machhi waali’s for our company. it was stinking. but we found it even-the-more thrilling.

we reached gorai. there was not a single soul there. just a few rick fellas here too. (i wonder how they manage to get up so early, everyday) we sat on a rick. and asked him to take us to any hotel. we were conscious. conscious because we were 2 boys and we were asking for a room. actually, no one would have thought that we were a gay couple. but we were conscious. we kept telling the rickshaw driver “hum rest kareinge and then we will go to the beach”. though he never asked us the whereabouts… guilty conscious pricks the mind. hehehhe

we went to a shack. the owner of the shack looked at us and said “soone ke liye hi chahiye na”. we were shell shocked. we didn’t know how to react. i looked at my friend, and chuntered, “he thinks we are going to sleep, as in… sleep”

we agreed at a cost. he handed over the keys. we moved in. the room was small. it was a dungeon. but who cared. we were there for the thrill of it. and yes it was a thrilling moment. so so so so thrilling.

as it dawned, we took a walk on the serene beach. we came back to borivalli station and exchanged a sweet valediction.

now, suddenly we were feeling sleepy. i, all of a sudden realized that my phone battery had dried and mom would have been trying to reach me. i knew she is going to give me a good dressing down when i reach home. “what a choppy world is this and what a time was that”, i marveled.

i wish not to take his name as it’s too personal a thing to share. he feels it okie to share the episode openly with my name. how on earth will any 3rd person know about it if not so. but never mind. i am not hurt. i have always stood up for my feelings and emotions no matter how much ever romantic or sensual these moments are. just that, i dont 'out' those people involved without asking them. 

you know, its so very easy to get branded as a slut. but i wonder if people who brand other people have just slept with one person in their life. id you are open about your relations, you are a slut. if you do it in hiding, you are a saint. chalta hai. 'slut' if thats what i am, id like to add "i am a happy slut ". :-)

but coming back to the question asked by my friend “will you take me to gorai?” i wish sweety….but can i, without your consent.

point to ponder. hai na.

what say?


Anonymous said...

Hehehe very exciting trip indeed. Kareena moment is really really sweet :D

and what you did this time? :P

Kris Bass said...

That's exciting Harish! But I still don't understand why you should be so guilty feeling for sleeping with your boyfriend.

*Aham* said...


what i did this time? hehehehheh. SECRET!


nahi re, I am not guilty about sleeping with anybody. And no, I have had no "boyfriend".

I was zapped to hear the rumour mills whistling and lot of mirch masala added to this episode. A one year old episode is suddenly the talk of the town. Thought of setting the record straight. Not that I owe an explaination to those who take pleasure in steamy gossips, and i in fact like attention. But Too much is Much Much. :-)

Oxy said...

I have been reading your comments in Shobhaa De as you most of the time seem to be the first there.. being a movie freak thought of adding you.. Check out the other blog in my profile (Valuable Junk)..

Kush said...

Aham! What happened? Honestly, this ain't one of your thoughtful writings. Sorry pal, but I was at a super loss.

After weeks of excitement on the QueerZaadi March, I was expecting you would pen some interesting moments or at least a critical take on something I tag as "one-time rainbow acts" (ref. my comment on Shobhaa De's blogpost).

But alas! I see a disconnect. I know you have a full plate at the moment, but should that mean your readers (or blogdosts as you would call them) should be made to munch on anything and everything?

Where is thy usual critical self or have I been day-dreaming?

*Aham* said...

@ oxy

have visited your blog and loved your khichdi/bhel puri of the years happennings. have commented there.

@ Kush

Sorry to disappoint you. i have again sprung up in action. (I guess) with a new post. I dont want to lose blogdosts like you.

Anonymous said...

Haha! An interesting episode indeed!

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

After reading the episode, the Jab We Met movie was so freaggin' lame. What happened?

You know there is a book, Why do you care what others think, by Richard Feynman... my suggestion for you to read it.

Gay or not - who the hell cares. Truly, ones that care, don't care and the ones that don't who the hell cares about them!

Key is you are a gem inside, stick to being geniune. Though I agree with Kush this time, I was a bit disappointed reading this after reading the rest of your blogs!

*Aham* said...


@Ek Ladki
Gay or not - who the hell cares. Truly, ones that care, don't care and the ones that don't who the hell cares about them!


haan, maine yeah blog bahut jaldi likha tha... toh woh passion kahi kho gaya... thanks for your honest opinion. muah!

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