Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PowerPoint Woes!

i don’t understand why, but i just cannot get a hand on powerpoint. i hate to use negatives, but i just don’t possess the skill or the aesthetic sense to understand colours and designs well. i am good with moving images, but i am bad with powerpoint. i am not able to force myself. i can’t make up my mind on which design to take and which not. and cultivation of the interest needs to be done from the first stage itself. i mean, even in school, college, all through… i have always loved to jot down words, but when it has come to images, i could decipher and analyze, but have been a lousy artist myself. i know i’m good with the flow of thoughts, can give people content for every page of powerpoint, but just can’t do it myself. i mean, in that time that i make a powerpoint i could rather ideate a dozen or two creative concepts. 

regarding work, i kind of balance my work and my social endeavors, never let myself down on the work front or the social front. except recently when i was feeling rather low and when i knew that i was, i contacted my manager prateek and told him that i need to take rest. and as i don’t mince words, i simply told him what exactly i felt. i guess i would never find someone as understanding as him. he has been the best when it came to understanding his teams needs. his trait of reading between the lines amuses me. mostly he has been appreciative of my work and understands my style much better than anyone else. because of the cool headedness at work, i am in a free minded spirit to do other work during my weekends. 

work wise, i feel at heaven here in shobiz. wouldn’t want to leave ever. but life is what happens to you when you are busy doing other things. so i aint change resistant either. if something comes and falls in my lap, you never know what happens in future. though id definitely want to see the current organization in high spirits always. 

i’ve strictly maintained that i keep my weekends free for my social endeavours and personal growth. it’s necessary for me to meet people from different walks of life and broaden my horizon. besides, i’m not the average joe who does his job goes home and sleeps off. and sluts around on weekends. i want to be helpful to the society. i wish to do much more than just make money. and i will. i do balance my social, personal and professional well. 

just for the powerpoint software. ohh thats only good to see presentations.when it comes to making a ppt myself. can just say 3 words. 

ohh my god!


Kris Bass said...

First of all, the PowerPoint thing is pretty simple. These are the simplified rules.

1) Blue bacground. Nothing flashy.
2) Yellow fonts with a sprinkle of white here and there.
3) 4 - 6 lines in each slide.
4) Get as many animations/charts as you can.
5) Never ever read out what is written. Use the slides to re-emphasize your words.
6) Use words minimalistically, so as to create an impact.
7) Use as less of slides as you can.

I guess that's it. I hope I have been of help.

What kinda shobiz do you do?

Kush said...

"Ohh my god!" (Let me begin from where you ended).

Aham, perhaps this was one your most disjointed blogposts. You began with something very specific as a powerpoint presentation but quickly moved to discuss your personal-social-professional triad. As your "blogdost", I was at a loss.

What do I react to? As someone extremely comfortable with both words and drawings, do I suggest to you ways in which an otherwise lousy program as the Powerpoint could be made into something stimulating? Or do I compliment you on your fantastic balance between work and play?

Help! HA!

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