Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lisa! Better With Time...

the world is quite quiet. and there is din in my heart. i am relentless. i am restless. i wish to tear. and i shed a few. profound pules that no one but i can hear. i make sure that no one is looking, as i speak placidly to my inner voice. i scream. i shriek. i pray. she is siting cozily on the sofa. she notices my silence. she hears my voice when i mumble, a mutter, not so loud that any ear could hear. she looks at me and conveys with her doe-eyes “silence is the loudest cry”. as i vent my fears in type and script, she tries to draw my attention to her with a loud lisp. i type, with blasé attitude in solitude without interlude. she comes closer, and as i yawn stretching my legs and spreading it wide. she licks my feet. touches my leg with her hand. and jumps over me. demands and commands me to take a walk with her on a night that has a falcate moon shining on a lone sky. i scream at her. “leave me alone, cant you wait for a while. cant you see im busy” her eyes droop. she stoops.  she gets up from my lap. and moves on to take a catnap on her bed. i look at her from the corner of my cornea. as i look at her self-effacingly, i watch her pupils dilate and speak a dialect that no one but she understands. she notices me looking, alarmed,  she looks elsewhere in remonstration. “don’t show me your fucking attitude”, i grin. she acts as a soubriquet of gandhi sporting a “hear no evil” outlook. it doesn’t matter to her at all.  i love her. she knows that. and she takes advantage of that. i am helpless. why should i budge always? why should i dance to her tune? why should she have her way every time? my mom tells me that today, girls outfox boys. and i am so with mom at this.  i get up and walk with her. she whistles, i bow. she pilots, i fly. wherever she takes me, she can, i oblige with no dissent at all. 

she is a darling. and she is mine. yes she is over smart at times. and a little too lazy. but that wont stop my loving her. one look at her. and all my pain goes absconding.

here is she,   

this is Lisa Iyer, tell me isn’t she a darling. isn’t she the sexiest any one has seen? 

just as pretty as  Kiara Dẻ and Nellie Eileen… o! i have their pics too. and since this post is about Lisa, let me put up her friends pics too…

        ... Ms. Neelie Eileen
                                                    ... Ms. Kiara Dẻ

( women, I said NO… no petty catfight about who is the prettiest. Ok?) 

after licking me off my pain, she lingers on it… i touched her breast a week back. i found a lump. yesterday, i took her to her doctor. the often carefree lisa, was vexed. like she knew what was in the offing. the doctor pressed her breasts and told me that she is braving breast cancer. i had seen this happen in my most shuddery dream. and i knew this was impending. but, how i wish my dream didn’t come true. the surgeon told me that she needs to be operated upon and the lump needs to be removed. i could feel the lump on my chest.  i didn’t speak a word. and she licked me then. smiling, she was abreast, with a pile on her breast. ohh my dog. i told her as tears trickled down my cheeks. bitch was a word that typified a sewer swear; now it meant sheer seerness.  the doctor told me smilingly she will outlive you. she will be there eternally. 

we are shifting base next week to kharghar in new bombay. and now she is unwell. i am worried. i wanted to take her along in the new place and run around in the lush green valleys there. but now she will have to be operated, no sooner we reach there. how will she cope? i was hanging in the desultory of hopelessness. again, fear swathed me. the doctor assured me that lisa would be fine. but my mind wandered mindlessly. then suddenly, a thought occurred, i saw light. i thought of the many angels in the sky who say amen  and thatha-asthu. i saw hope in times of grope. the spark of a positive thought shone bright in windy wilderness. i could see clearly. my lisa. my happy lisa. my happy and healthy lisa.  

i wish to ask my blogdosts for a little favour.

if you could utter “Lisa will be fine. she will get well soon” twice or more times. with the ripple effect of the positive thought. lisa will be alright. kiddish it may sound. but it helps. and speaking myth-o-logically, if angels say thatha-astu/amen, then inshallah! she, the daughter of a gay man will be blessed with the pink of health. :-)

will you do this for me and my kid? 


ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...


Did you hear me? She will be just fine. She is too much of a fighter to let this bring her down. Besides, most importantly, imagine if one can survive living with YOU - what is a mere breast cancer? Hee heh hee....

My status on all chats will remain saying what it says now, so as when anyone reads it, they send more positive energy towards Lisa from wherever they are. Don't worry Lisa is in our prayers (Nellie included)

P.S. Nellie's last name is Gauger. Nellie Eillen Gauger :-D And, since her mommy is back, she is back to her goofy self. I don't have the heart to tell her that she is a dog.... poor thing has been in a mistaken notion that she is human for the past 11 years :-)

Anonymous said...


Dont worry dear..u will live to see ur kid as well as ur grandchildren intuition says so...

by the way how did u name her LISA..lisa iyer is a unique combination how did the Christian link happen?


Anonymous said...


Don't worry dude, she will be fine. Just relax and be positive.

take care

*Aham* said...

@ ek-ladki-anjaani-
U are a chweeet haaalt. in fact between yesterday night and today, i suddenly can see Lisa getting better... i dont know if it is really so, or that im feeling so. Neelie eileen is supercool. I hate using parents name... but here id make an exception. I previously used to get angry when someone called lisa a dog. but now, i take pride in it. (In swears, Human is the one thats more appalling than Bitch)

Thanks m8. Actually we had adopted lisa when she was 5 months old. she was called Lisa there, and we didnt feel the need to change her name.


thank you dear.With wishes like these offerring stiff ressitance, no disease could stand for long.

Rahul V. Chittella said...

shez gonna be aite!!:)

rekha badlani said...

What news of Lisa? Have you shifted? All good next to nature? Oh yea and Lisa will be OK... Lisa will get better soon'er than you think!

rekha badlani said...
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Wild Reeds said...

Lisa will be fine. She will get well soon.

ruhey said...

Such a beautiful baby!
Lisa will be fine...Soon!

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Woooooooo Hooooooooooooooo! Let me the first to write about this. LISA IS FINE! LISA IS FINE! and guess what folks LISA IS BETTER THAN FINE!!

It's a miracle :-D I knew it. Yeh aha'm waise hee tension de raha tha mereko but I just got the good news, spoke to Aha'm... and yes he sounds sweeter than he writes. All good, all well... Lisa is all fine :-D

Pinku said...

your post brought so glad Lisa is well.

Love and blessings to both of you.

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