Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ohh My God!

we live a country where gods have no voice. 
buy a non-eco friendly ganpati. god will bless you for illtreating him. go ahead?

*thanks rohit for sending me this email. 


d SINNER!!! said...


Vinz aka Vinu said...

the worst part of this festival..
technology is not paced up to control this..!!


Prateek N kumar said...

an area where technology,tradition and topography should come together for a solution

*Aham* said...

@d sinner!

yes SAD!


i have thoda different opinion, technology is paced up, the intent is something that is missing.


yes, i agree. A unison of forces of the 3 T's is what is needed for a whole-hearted revolution.

Oxy said...

Ghastly ... why buy one in first place if you have to drown him...

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Yea why buy one if you have to drown it? Can't we have virtual ones? Virtual ganesh...virtual'er visarjan! What say? Eco-friendly for sure ;-)

*Aham* said...

@oxy and Ek Ladki
agreed on the eco-friendly bit... but to stop people from immersion of idol is gonna be quite a daunting task. Infact, I see this as an opportunity for sculpturers to display their art, just that, it isnt the worldview.

Anonymous said...

Sad people are never going learn.
they always use and throw, without caring.

They didn't even left gods... Too sad.
There could be other way, like you said using eco-friendly ones.

Anonymous said...

Good lord! Is this India???

Kavity said...


who has taken the pictures..??
beautiful sorry to say.

I wonder why people get a Ganesh idol home? Or prepare a big eco-friendly or a chocolate one..??

Is it to show off that, look what I have made?? Mine is bigger than yours??? Mine is eco-friendlier ?? Mine has more gold or watever...

Where is the spiritual spirit nowadays? Do they really pray?? like really pray from their hearts?? I doubt it..

Anyway for me, he resides in my heart..He already has a home !!!

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