Friday, October 31, 2008

Documentary On Gays – A Media College Project

i made it a point that i speak to college students, about me being gay. i'm sure some thought of it as being over-the-top flamboyant, but it doesn't bother me. i stand by my beliefs. how can we expect the society and people to change and count us as a part of the society, when we all sit hiding behind veils?

secondly, i feel relieved that i don't have to make any make-believe statements; i don't have to fake instant "see-a-woman-and-feel-orgasmic" moments; i could find a lot of love with the all the women around and of course have the privilege of crushing big egos of straight-men and galling their ire with by being the man-midst-maidens.

i don't believe that gays are a sexual minority. count the many closeted, married-yet-looking… and some who live confused all through about the path that they need to follow!

oh! i'm diverting. let me get back to the topic of the student project.

yogesh, with a flock of 3 other young vivid minds, vernal & thriving media students from a veteran yet modern institution touched upon the issue of homosexuality as in the state today. i find this an honest attempt, quite a contrary to the clichés that the movies of today depict. this is a 9 something minute documentary that includes me, parmesh (author of gay bombay), vivek patil (artist, and mis officer from humsafar trust) and volunteers from humsafar trust. though much of this was edited to fit in his time-limit. (even i didn't get much screen space, he edited me off, lol). i believe though, if the intent is good, the content follows. please take a peep.



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Kush said...

Hi Aham,

I am writing on your blog after a long time. And boy! was I pleased to see the short film and the journey documented. The film was good; but what I found most endearing was your effort to take gay conversation to academic spaces.

We are pretty much doing similar work except in different universities, in different capacities and in different parts of the world. For all these efforts and more, here's cheers to our never say die attitude.

PS: There's a slight change in my blog address. Visit to read and find out more. Thanks.

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