Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

True, its people who cannot accept it, and make the gay community pay for it. If they were secure with their own sexuality, it wouldn't matter. Those people make such a hoop-lah about it, and the obscurity of the judicial system supports their cause. It's about time laws change in India for the benefit of all. And, to think we as Indians claim not to be a part of the third world..... Pooohhh Baah!

All left behind, Harish you are the rockstar, and you are my hero (as you are of millions more!) I know for a fact, you will change it as the pioneer. My support is always with you.

Richa said...

there is nothing wrong in homo.. its the personal choice of a human being to chose their partners..
I support this cause..

*Aham* said...

>> ek ladki

thanks Regha,

yes, i feel the "straight" and "shy-to-admit-bi-curious" are fighting a battle with their innerself. I pity them for their incapability to deal with the fact that they arnt able to experience what we do. Poor Apathy. God bless them!

>> richa

Thanks dear, thanks for seconding me on my view that there is nothing wrong in homosexuality. infact its a fruitless debate. if homosexuality is against the order of nature just because gays dont bear children... then i suppose "naturally" infertile couples should not have sex na. I dont mean to be mean by saying so. Just a counterreaction to the comment that Gays are against the order of nature.

Firstly: As long as 2 "adult" humans are "doing it" with humans and not their horse or cow or pet labrador... I suppose its natural. Hai na.

Secondly: homosexuality is not only about having sex. its about loving someone from your own gender. Do straight couples look only at sexual potency as the crieterion for guaging a partner??


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