Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arse You Like It!

watch it! you definitely will like it.  people have been unanimous in awarding john the best butt award. but as far as the movie dostana goes, the reactions have been mixed.  my blogdost shobhaa de and some others think that this movie is a butt of jokes on gays that reinforces the clich√©s that exist... and treats them as odd and ott. de ends her article in BT with a note about john's butt is far more expressive than his face. 
this time i disagree with my lovely blogdost. yes, abhi has acted very very well, if i were in the jury i would give abhishek the award for best actor. i consider him an effortless actor. but i also see johns acting improve over time. and his performance and looks in this movie are wao. yes, he doesnt have that naughty smirk in his face as abhi does... but his face is so, and what will john bechaara do, if he is made like this. 
i love john for his offscreen camaraderie as well. he is totally devoted to social causes and whatever he says is believable and straight from the heart. im sanguine about him being genuine and truthful. 

yesterday, i had been invited by vikram doctor to the special screening of dostana at famous studios. i had a chance to meet tarun mansukhani the director of dostana there, he seemed quite a jovial and kind hearted human being. down to earth that he was, he had no airs about being such a talked about director. 

this movie is special to me becau
se it helped me come out to my  sister. here is an anecdote that i shared with the media as well.  on saturday, i had watched dostana with my sister laxmi who is 13 year old. she throughly enjoyed the movie. post the movie, i thought, the time now was appropriate to come out to her. when we were in the escalator, i told her, that i am gay. she didnt react for a few seconds. and then all of a sudden she asked me..."are you gay like john, or are you gay like abhishek". 

isnt that sweet. :-) the reel helps you in real. 

here are the videos and the article.

NDTV 24x7 
Zoom TV


amazed musings said...

Ahem!! u have quite different take on the movie compare to other members of gay community .. well, i have yet to watch this movie, and then only i can share my opinion ...

K said...

Hi there. The video snippet is interesting and its sweet on the director's part to hold a special screening for all the lovely gays out there in Bombay. I am still hugely hesitant to watch an Indian comedy with gay overtones. Aham, my hesitation may be completely unwarranted but for the moment, I would rather watch "Milk" - a story on Harvey Milk than a mad-cap Indian gay-comedy.

On a different note, let me tell you this. From the stories on and about your life that you've shared thus far in this space, and those that I have read and followed, I must say kudos! to you for your spirits and optimism. I am an eternal optimist too and I've always maintained, that change begins with ourselves. Someday, it would be great to meet you. Until then, lets keep both thought and action running.


Oxy said...

Way to go!!! Must be a relief.

Btw, I still do not feel John has learnt 'to act'. Come on, he is just an eye candy a la Bipasha and will remain so unless he is not given uch to speak of.

Now, that scene where the mail comes, and Abhi asks him to open the mail after some time, John reacts 'Yes yes' and goves hi-5 to Abhi and in the whole sequence u can see how amateurish John still is.

Crazy Sam said...

First of all, congrats for your coming out to your sister.

- - Warning. I'm now going to turn on my bitchy side. - - :D

It's obvious that Karan used John Abraham for the eye-candy (or should I say butt-candy?) factor alone and in most of the scenes, I felt John was just blank. Yeah, even those puppy-faced looks he gave can't be deciphered as acting. It's only because Abhi was also in the same frame that John escaped from being trashed. Abhi just makes you divert all attention towards him (even though he ain't blessed with any bubble butt). And this is coming from someone who used to detest Abhi after seeing his few movies post-Refugee.

And if I had an opportunity to meet Karan or Tarun, I would've wanted to ask them, aren't they ashamed of telling outright lies such as Dostana being sensitive to the gay community?!! Okay, I get it, the jokes and the gayish actions were meant only for fun. But why do they have to put on such blatant lies? To attract gay audience? Wasn't John's butt enough for that?

I'm sorry, but I feel bad for all those who take pride in believing that Dostana succeeded in breaking the so called "ice". I should probably watch the original English version, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and see whether the lead actors potray gays this unjustly! I guess not!

One of my colleagues said to me, "Did you see Dostana? I mean, do guys really behave that gross if they are gay?" Way to go Karan and Tarun, way to go!! You just succeeded in creating more homophobes. I thank all my Gods for not making my parents come with me to watch this. I seriously don't want them to associate me with these Dostana-characters when I come out to them.

*Breath Sam.. Breath!!*
- - Okay, the bitchy me is now turned off. - -

Congrats to you again. :)

Oxy said...

Whoa SAM!!!! Hope u breathing now...:)

To add to your points,

Song 'Maa Da Laadla' clearly suggests that being gay is BAD... as in if u r gay, tum bigad gaye... WHAT???

Crazy Sam said...

Yeah.. exactly!

Thanks Oxy, I will add that point too while framing my post on this "ice-breaking" film.

Sunny said...

Well all i can say about dostana is "Every little step helps".
Though i must say Director of movie "Karan Johar" should also come out about his sexually LOL "Enough of sharukh Sharukh" .


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