Saturday, November 29, 2008

Resilience???What’s Resilience? Fuck Resilience!

Resilience, the very word has become a swear. How long are we going to fool ourselves with these clichés? I wish to inform you, that Bombay doesn't have a choice. Bombay has to travel by trains. Bombay has to work to live. Come Bomb Or Terror, Bombay will have to be on her toes. I repeat she doesn't have a choice. Bombay is inane. And her inanity is thanks to clichés.

Business and busyness, Bombay has just 2 attributes.

Response to the stimuli Or reaction only when there is action. We will not act… only react, isn't it? How many bomb blasts, how many deaths, how many blemishes would it take for us to preempt terror… especially when there has been a spate of terror attacks? When will we wake from our sleep and when we will get up and scream? We have been far too silent… and our act of cowardice and numbness is called "resilience" Do we even realize. We have become a joke. More bigger a joke than what Indian politicians are.

We either praise or we criticize, Bombay is incapable of doing both at the same time.

I Applaud and Salute the officers who sacrificed their lives. I have immense respect for them.

But isn't it true that the whole drama could have been averted had the coast guards been vigilant.

How the hell did these terrorists enter from the seas. ? can anyone enter like that, without being seen? WAO. (pun intended)How on earth did they walk so calmly with arms and that too, arm in arm?. Why did we buggers see them and not do anything… ? Did we think that the guns are toys from Leo Mattel?

Perhaps we did. They fooled us. They fooled the fools.


B said...

So many ppl died in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Very sad day.

We dont have any spirit left and its true. The feeling of numbness and resignation has always been misunderstood as mumbai's resilient spirit.

Mumbaikars are simply fed up of being treated this way :(

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah finally I am glad to see someone who can see beyond false pride and even more falsified cliches!

I agree.. its not resilience but desperation that makes mumbai bounce back!

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

To this, I post my comment:

Jagjit said...

Hmmm... (Sigh)
cudnt agree more.. but all of it is becoming a talk and we are getting used to it. probably this is the it is going to reality, we seldom see movie-like revolutions. lets just pray for our beloved city...

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