Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Fag End by Fag Friend (excerpt)

The word that’s on everyone’s lips is “fag”. The word on the lips is fine, but fag on the lips is unkind, says our beloved minister. It takes a man with real guts and gumption to stand against the puff lobby and fight for the rights of non smokers. In all organizations, I should admit that there has been a huge clout of smokers smoking off with zilch regard for the nonsmokers. I have resisted the temptation to scream my lungs off at smokers and dopers, many of them my very close associates, and being close I understood they would never understand. “How does it matter to you”, they’d ask. Well, it does, if you drink, you die. If you smoke I die with you… and I want to live. Smokers don’t care about the ones who inhale the smoke irrespective of whether they like it or not, and then when they get diseases like cancer and chronic bronchitis, smokers hush it and come-what-may would not believe that this is because of their vice. Some feel it’s’ wise to vice. Rebels without thought are worse than rebels without cause.

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 didnt want to cross post, hence just an excerpt, I am a member of family/contributor for the world renowned Mam Movies group.


Pinku said...

I dont allow friends and even bosses to sit and smoke around me. They are free to choose the way the want to die but they shouldnt dictate mine.

We need to be firm in demanding that smokers keep our safety in mind.

If we dont demand that our rights be respected no one will.

*Aham* said...

yes pinku, I am with you... Its our silence that lets them feel thats 'its okie' to be inconsiderate.

SMM said...

Very true...I am not to fond of smokers though my husband is one. I have brought him down from 10 a day to 3 now. Unfortunately I don't see him quitting smoking anytime. I don't allow smoking in the bedroom though.

In ollege tpoo I used to get pissed with people who blew smoke into my face. At a party a guy did that just to piss me off. I dumped his drink on his face just to piss him back. Extinguished the ciggie too :P

But ya I used to get bugged with friends who used to chain smoke. I used to throw their ciggies away

*Aham* said...

Haan SMM,

Good naakabandi at home... i have a poster stuck to my front door..

"Cigarette on your lips???...
if yes...
please take an about turn,
walk 10 steps,
turn right,
walk 4 steps,
click on the button,
wait for the lift,
take the lift...
And You Remember Next Time,
Only You are invited."

Some find it rude. But that's how it is meant to be. "Rude".

Your Hubby Arjun! is Lucky...

SMM said...

I like your poster :)

As for the lucky part...plz tell Arjun tht :P

Arjun said...

No doubt Arjun is lucky...to have SMM!!
.. and yes - i donot smoke in the bedroom or at work (at all).

.. but i retain my independence to smoke wherever else I please (without blowing smoke in peoples faces).


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