Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Queerzaadi March! Students for Queer!

a day after independence day, on 16 august 2008, bombay will witness her first ever Queerzaadi march. the opportune time has come for the lgbt community and their straight supporters to hold our heads atop firmly with  mixed feelings of rebellion and exultation. rebellion, because there still exists an archaic law, section 377, that criminalizes homosexuality. exultation, because its an assembly of those who are not ashamed to be queer, or to have queer friends. they are in fact proud. very proud about the way they are, and the way their friends are. 

a year back it wouldnt have been possible for me to share the onus, this time i can. im out to practically everybody. i dont see a reason to flaunt my sexuality. but as and when the need arises i do open up.  i understand that i am just fortunate and lucky to have the privilege to speak my mind and be what i am with no fear.  but this sadly is not the case with all. 

queers dont wish to "experiment" with someone who is not their sexual choice just to behave straight. (or do you suggest that we queer should experiment sexually and spoil the otehr persons life? )queer are human. the queer feel love. they feel like holding on to someone from our own gender in full public view. they feel like lying on someones lap and playing with someones hair in a garden. they feel like dancing with people from their own gender. they feel love. we feel love.  

its not always about sex. but isnt making love also a part of love?

by the way, "is sex only for procreation, isnt it for recreation too?"

do straight couples have sex only when they decide to have a baby. is that what we define as natural? if so, then sex at all other times is wrong. isnt it?

"Students for Queer" 

there is now  a growing awareness for gay issues, 5 years back, things were different.  i wouldnt like to paint a pitiable picture of how grave the situations are now. because the fact is, that there is a lot of awareness. though, there is scope for much more. i in fact see a lot of young students, confident about their sexuality and openly supporting queer rights. i plan to mobilise this support for the Queerzaadi march. though this might sound like a daunting task, id not like to start with diffidence, but confidence. even if there are just 2 students for the march. id still celebrate the success.

a student or faculty ? are u ? does this cause concern you or your friends. would you like to just stay at home and watch the parade on tv or get up and join us in the march? well, you do have a choice. 

this is no ngo thingy. no philanthropy. just a personal thought. i feel like mobilizing students who think alike. if you donot. its still okie. i dont want to work overtime to convince you. but if you feel like joining me. you are most welcome. i am not going to speak to colleges and take permissions. but just float the thought. if you feel like supporting the thought personally. do join in.

what is "section 377"?

  • "Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable for a term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable to fine.


for more information, please visit the official Queerzaadi blog

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Chaman of Wilson!

wilson college

wilson college was the college that i took my baby steps in the world of social welfare. i remember the walls of the college. the so very philanthropic ambiance that i walked in. it was an animal welfare campaign then. a get-together. life has come a full circle since then. today, i had visited this college as a chief guest for the bmm festival of theirs. "polaris". and what a feeling it was. truly fantastic!

who invited

first when i got a call from this guy called demetrius to be the jury for their college fest. I thought of it as an opportunity to unlearn all that i have learnt, and imbibe in me fresh thoughts from the next generation. (yes... they must be a decade younger than me... so, next generation).  i did use the opportunity to teh best of my ability, i wanted to reach out to a larger audience, especially students. though i might sound like a philosopher, i really dont care, i will speak my mind. i believe that the future is going to be defined by the nearing 30ish and the 20ish crowd. (well, id be 20ish for life in attitude. so i will fall in that bracket ever.) 

me, inaugurate? what did you say?

but then in a while i got a call from ranjit, the student chairperson of the festival telling me that he wants me to INAUGURATE the festival. frankly. it felt very nice. yes i have judged many events. but inaugurated none. so this was a first for me. and i look forward to firsts with as much enthusiasm as anyone else. :-) but this one was different. i knew that i am no celebrity, i wouldnt get more foot fall to the event as much as a bollywood star would. so my instant reaction to ranjit was "you need to bring in a celebrity, it will be good for your event" and prompt came the reply from ranjit "no sir, we want you". i obliged. i wasnt behaving modest when i said that they should call in a celebrity, but, i have done college events for so many years, i cant just bask in glory at the cost of their event. 

i sent a message to anjulika and asked her if she would like to join me. she immediately said yes and in fact reached before i did. i reached laaaate some 10 mins or so. i asked shraddha to shut up and carry on with the inauguration. and she insisted. sir, we wil wait for you. i was feeling terrible that i am being a late latif and delaying their event. but bombay traffic. ewww!

the faculty

i met up with sudhakar soleman, the bmm coordinator. brimming with enthusiasm.  he is a wonderful person, liked speaking to him. i was asked to go on teh stage with him. i am more of the tambu guy. just cant behave like a celebrity. and when i did get the opportunity, i liked it. but felt odd. i also met mallika who was the warden of the hostel and the vice principal. she amazed me with her love for her students and her love for teh institution. i thought only i valued my mother institution. i was wrong. infact she did much more than what i did. (or to keep up my ego let me say, "as much as i do.")she would bring in her students and tell us, ohh you know, he does this so so well. his name is !@#$$ ". so sweet. seems like nothing gives her more joy than her students successes.  

fast forward films

anjulika and i along with the writer of munnabha mbbs, judged the first event fast forward films, which was bascicaly films shot in 2x and above speeds.  the two films that completely touched me was one on the song "hip hopper" ohh what a film, and what cuts, what direction and above all what editing and acting man. i completely fell in love with both the actors. i want to work with them sometime soon for some social cause. i'l post about that soon. and the other film was "puppy love" which was bascically about a teenagers love for a puppy. great thought guys. fantastic. 

sports promos

the next event was sports promos, which was a contrast. it was very appauling. i mean, there was no thought applied, all the kids wanted to do was dramatize the whole thing. you don't need to dramatize every time to create an impact. some of the students in this segment had not put in efforts, as in, that's what we could make out. they might have put in efforts. but if their efforts don't show enough on screen and we as judges, unanimously felt so. then what is the use of such efforts. the result: we announced just one consolation prize. the student organising committee member did request us to announce 3 prizes. anjulika has a great heart, we two comparatively were stone hearted. we thought that we would be doing injustice to those who did work well if we gave off prizes to anybody who didn't deserve. we stuck to our guns. we gave just a consolation. the student requested us to announce. i agreed. and when it was asked who amongst us. all looked at me. hehehehe. i came ahead and said that i could just mutter good things for the heck of it or state facts. and i did tell them without mincing words that they could've done much better. though i did ask them to take it in the right spirit.

the "reality show" effect

we did have a girl who came up to me and tell me. "sir, i don't feel you saw our film". i replied "yes, i did" she retorted "i was watching you during the screening, you were talking, you were not watching". well, this is what i call the "reality show effect" where students make allegations on their judges. now, judges are not superhuman beings. they are people with a little bit more experience and acumen. if your product is good, you would look at the whole film without jhapkaofying a palak. but if you know right from the start that this isn't going the way you thought it should. you lose interest and start chit chatting. we might have as well. basically, if the young lady had taken so much of effort in intricate detailing than looking at us while judging, the results would've been so so very better. i would love to interact with her and give her my perspective. just that she needs to have the willingness to learn. 

see you... tata

then i was escorted to the cab by the beautiful girl, shraddha. and she signalled her volunteers to get me a cab. 

siting in teh cab, i looked back at the magnificient institution. i looked at where i had been. what a college it is. and wao, what students.  what professors. wao wao wao.

i wished i be a student again. i wished i was a wilsonian. i always maintained that there is none like khalsa. but wilson. guys, you are better than my college. i could understand that every event will have some broken hearts, some sad undercurrents, some jealousy... all of it goes in teh making of a marvel. i could quite sense that even the wilsonians wouldve all such issues. but they didnt let it turn destructive for teh festival. all of them were together. together for a cause. the cause here being. Polaris. 


thanks anthony, thanks demetrius, thanks harendra, thanks isha, thanks mallika ji, thanks principal ji, thanks rachael, thanks shraddha, thanks sudhakar ji and everyone else whom i interacted with.( im sorry, i am very bad with names. and if i do get the names. i cant put names and faces together :-( )

thanks so much for making me a part of your experience. thanks for getting me acquainted with this magnificent institution.

love you wilson. love you wilsonians

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be A Flintstone!

I knew the taste of semen.
When I was barely seven.

I didn't know how to react against the act,

Though I did detest, I didn't protest.

Against incest.

Blame me! Me then, a virgin mind of 7.
Is that all that you can do?
When I was fretting with fear,
Where the hell were you?

I had transformed from child to whore,
I had too many wounds.
And all, so sore.

And yes, I did detest, but didn't know how to protest.

In pain was I,In pain was I,
I wished to die.
And failed, when I did try.

I did detest. And I did know that this was no way to protest.

"Why you didn't tell any?", now people ask.
I did attempt the daunting task.

Couldn't tell momma in detail, as was scared,
"Boy you are, it happens only to girls"
I was told when to tell a little, I dared.

There was in my heart, a dent, a hole…
I asked myself,
a little child was I then,
"A hole! Is all that's needed to satiate that man's soul."

I grew then, in despair,
Trying to mend the pieces of my heart that were beyond repair.

When others were chasing skirts,
I was at life's outskirts.

When others were admiring bosoms,
I yearned for a life in full blossom.

I did detest. But thought ‘I'd not find support anyways so why protest?’

It was then, when came to me, a bundle of joy,
I said to him, "you be my kid, I'll be your toy"
Four legs he had, and also a tail.
He licked my tears and listened to my throbbing tale.
He set my life on a smooth sail.
I then mustered the courage to get up and dance,
I wanted to give life another chance.

No similes and no metaphors could exemplify what I wanted to tell,
The gush of emotions, in me that dwelled.

I mustered the courage.

I did detest. And, I did protest. I did win the test.

Now, I wish not to be a flicker of flame,
for gusty winds often blow
I wish to ...Be a flintstone,
Find a flintstone.
So I just have to hit it on,
And a spark could show.
I speak it aloud, for the whole world to hear,
"Those who sail in the same boat, come, let's get near"

Let's rain hope for the ones who are sapped and drained.
Let's raise our voice against the insane.

From darkness to hope.
Let's take them atop life's slope.

Let's not say, that the world is bad.
We are the world. And we are together clad.

The world could be better.
The world could be better.
Yes things could be fine.

If we rise up together in this world. Thats actually kind.
Against the man (un)kind.

We did detest. We did protest. We did unite for those in distress.

~ Aham

written long back.. when i first started speaking up about abuse. 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Short Inspiring Anecdotes

Every creative person thrives on anecdotes that they have heard, nurtured, experienced and grown with… be it in cinema, photography, literature, poetry or fine art. These small little happenings shape up one's mind creating the "perfect picture" moment. Speaking about movies specifically, there are many-a-stories depicting the bridge between personal experiences and the ideal celluloid moment. The "fact" factor of fiction oft makes the movie truly believable. Looking back, aren't there so many moments that we have experienced and wished that we had a camera then. Or that "I wish I could recreate the same moment on screen again" expressions. To elucidate, let me enlist some of the wonderful real life incidences that were recreated take teh example of how Raj Kapoor recreated his meeting with nargis where she had a bit of dough applied on her head, or his crush on his teacher, that he portrayed so beautifully in Bobby and Mera Naam Joker or Javed Akhtar's Kiska Hai Tumko Intezaar, Main Hoon Na… a conversation between Annu Malik, Farah Khan and Javed Akhtar that became the title of the movie and also a very popular song; very similar to what happened when Acha Toh Hum Chalte Hai was written for J Om Prakash's Aan Milo Sajna. Or Anil Kapoor doing complete justice to his uncle Raj Kapoor in the film Eeshwar or Sanjay Leela Bhansaali homage to his ideal Ranbhir alias Raj Kapoor through Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya.

Similarly we have so many moments that we wish could be captured on camera and be immortalized. I definitely find many… let us through this space, share those special moments that were truly inspiring, those incidences that have the power to transform and infuse positive light in people. Let's spurt out the thought here, who knows, someone might just read it, get inspired, shoot it, showcase it to the world and your inspiring moment could inspire many. Anyways, does any human have the power to challenge the genesis of a thought?

Come lets unlearn, lets learn…

I shall start with the first comment, request all of you to follow suit.

Comment # 01

An Inspiring Moment :

When I was around 7 years old, I still clearly remember, I used to sit in the window pane of my balcony and observe closely the branch of a tree that protruded into our balcony. I thought trees could speak, and the tree wanted to tell me something. But I couldn't understand. I used to observe the tree daily. One evening, as I sat on the window pane, I could see no branch. The tree was axed. I could just see a small portion of the bark of the tree. I ran down and reached close to the tree. There was a white liquid on the tree. "The tree is crying", I told my mom.

Years later, I pursued studies in Botany. Thanks to the latex in the tree that was axed, I am a Science Post Graduate.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"I Am The Change" Film Project: The Power Of A Camera.

If one has the power to dream, and to believe in it. Nature would conspire to fulfill the dream. Right from raj kapoor and before to aamir khan and beyond; they all dreamt a dream many had dreamt, there was nothing special in their dreams, but what was special was their belief that the dream is achievable, realizable. So when some slept and the others wept; these people kept up to the promises that they made to their dreams, that "I shall see you, not only I, but the whole world would, for you my dream have made my mind your abode and I shall see that you move from mind to camera… to reel to real."

"Dreams are a blue print of reality."

Dream with a belief that it will be realized, never let self pity drown you. Never let pessimism envelope you.

I have seen what I have dreamt, more than what I have dreamt of that I have seen.

As is the case with most of us, just the difference is that some are fortunate enough to hold a mirror that captures life. The mirror- the camera.

Needless to say, a great tool for humankind it is. And film making competitions like "I am the Change" offer the perfect pretext for someone to run off from the hustle-bustle and use the camera to spin a yarn and weave the fabric of cinema. We should use the camera as a medium to capture the right emotions and create a relation of "no sympathy" but "empathy" with the audience. This wasn't just a film it was the voice of an ngo or a cause. It was not just another movie made with passion to add to ones show reel. It was a tale. A throbbing tale. A tale that many told so well. That we felt in unison with reality. Of something that we all are so alienated oft times.

"The medium of films give you the power to induce change and to change the change"

Happy transformation!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Maxim’s Incorrect

worldly wisdom tells us "kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padtha hai." but the moment some one tells me this, a lot of ifs and buts surround my mind in rebellion of the same.

we have one life, we cant afford to make compromises, i believe that to achieve something one need NOT lose something. achievement is not philanthropy. its no charity. its no measure of material success.

its in fact the might of the heart to go where it actually wants to go with no fear or funk of what lies ahead.

so aspire to fulfill your hearts true desire.

relentlessly and progressively, surge ahead.

anyways success is preordained when "the matters of the heart" become "the heart of the matter".



Monday, July 14, 2008

The Most Embarassing Blogging Moment

i posted on my new and ageless blog dost shobhaa de's blog. i expressed my happiness and told her that i loved the fact that she empathised with the talwars in the case of the their daughter arushi's murder case, though previously she was against them for being so negligent and sleeping cozily in the room when their daughter was killed. i thought i had read that in bombay times.prompt came the reply to my post from de. she simply said "no sympathies for the talwars. read my article again. i wondered. i ran to my hall to check bombay times. and yes, she had infact written against the talwars negligence and carelessness. now that i have complimented her. i couldnt take the words back. i consider her to be a blog pal now, anyways, i could definitely have a difference of opinion with her. in fact, i guess,  she is someone who is open to difference of opinions. but i did a big mistake by complimenting her for something that she had not done. it could well be misinterpreted as a silly taunt. though i never meant to hurt her. 

this is not funny at all. i wouldnt have liked it a wee bit if someone behaved like that with me. i dont know how to react now. im feeling so ashamed. dont know how to react.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mehbooba ("My Booba") Revisits Newtons First Law

i have to share this with all my readers, more than prateik babbar and imraan khan and the pathak shah family, there was something else that kept me smiling for a long long time post interval. the promo of "mehbooba". what a promo man, what a promo! here are some breathtaking shots. awesome ones!

shot: sanjay dutt in black shirt and black pant and black goggles, manisha koirala in a red saree and an awful red bindi, he tries kissing her, she runs away, in typical indian bride avataar.

shot: suddenly, she starts feeling horny, she communicates that so very well, she shakes her head, her bum, then her tummy, and then her bosom.

shot: he gets into the act, he kisse her neck and down below... and goes down further... buzz, the scene changes. manisha gives an orgasmic pose as sanjay goes down on her. (section 377. arrest them)

shot: ajay devgan comes riding a chariot with 4 horses. bhishma pitamaah in todays world.

shot: ajay devgan, suddenly is seen atop a chandelier with a very constipated look which shows his apathy. all down below watch him helplessly. they look constipated too. (what are you looking at. call the fire brigade. assoles.)

shot: ajay devgan is shown wearing the same black outfit that sanjay dutt wore. which will leave you wondering, was that sanjay, or is this ajay... hold on, hold on.. who is who.

shot:ajay devgun in a flourescent yellow shirt.a top shot. i feel the place is switzerland. locales look good. really.

shot: manisha koirala coming on screen wearing a black belly dance wala dress, her bums are seen oscillating faster than pendulums. the whole ambiance is orange. nitin desai, has done such a wonderful job, see to believe.

now the big question. why is this movie called "my booba". manisha koirala's bosom demonstrates newtons law of inertia which says "A particle will stay at rest or continue at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force." in this movie, the director has used manisha koirala to prove the same, her bosom continues to move in the same velocity, until finally the external forces "ajay devgun's hand" or "sanjay dutt's hand" act against these forces.

this movie is a must watch for all science students. this pays respect to newtons laws of motion. watch this movie and you win a date with newton, in heaven.

please dont miss it. watch the video. here .

(please note: this isnt the same promo that was in the theatre)

all for laufs, hahaha

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Constructive Furtiveness

lives of others has always interested me.  so did voyerism. i loved taking a peep into the windows of neighbours who lived in the opposite building. not that i was lucky every time. mostly though, i got to see nothing at all. poor me. :(

but now, with the advent of technology, i have found more tech savvy ways. yes, shamelessly i admit, i love watching other people do atrangi things on webcam. sleazy voyeurism. wao! yahoo chat ki jai ho. slowly slowly, i got used to it and it became a routine. watching others "live" was definitely more exciting than watching porn. then one day, my webcam went phusssss  it stopped working. and i didnt find the time to get a better webcam or getting my webcam back on order. so, that stopped. people stopped sending me "view my webcam" requests, as it now was one sided. and i am with them, exhibitionism and voyeurism go together. my supposed paraphilia came to a halt. 

so i thought of experiencing some intellectual orgasms. peeping into peoples blogs was so much of a reprieve.

i loved sour apple martini, less because of the fact that viks joshi is my debutant crush, more because, he writes so so well.

aaditya, again a joshi, is an obsessive compulsive blogger, he has christened me "blog maa" as i did a very minuscule act of guiding him through blogspot when he took his baby steps. adi writes about so many issues, and so often, some i respond to, some i dont, but i regularly visit his blog, just wish he writes about sex of the many other issues that dwell in his blog.

one of my recent blog-fixations is shobhaa de's blog, about de... i always believed of her having huge airs about her being a celeb. but she is ekdam ulta. i responded to a comment on her blog and prompt came a response to my views. i love the fact that i know of someone who is a celeb, but yet is not averse to interacting with someone online on a personal basis. bravo de. :-)

kush is my newest blogdost he responds to evry post of mine, and if he doesnt, i remain upset till he finally writes something. selfishly, i never visited his blog. just kept saying thanks, thanks to his comments,  and expressed my views to him. but when i did visit his blog yesterday, i was amazed, he has fully formed views about things, something that i dont have. 

sheetal bhan kher and praful baweja have kind of started experiencing a menopause as far as teh blogging sphere is concerned. sheetal ka hindi sometimes goes over my head, praful, saale i love your blog so much, saale kitna tarsaayega. 

i have found so many friends through blogs. i dont know how would kush think of me when i meet him or will shobhaa de ignore me if i meet her on some social do. but i definitely know that they are all my friends, and i love them for what they are. "blogdost". 

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