Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let’s forget and party.

Few martyrs dead. A city drowned… A year gone. 2008 would daunt, haunt and taunt India for her Misanthropic nature. I look at 3 of the many tragedies that India has ever witnessed.


Is that a raindrop on your cheek or is that a droplet of tear?

My colleague Nisha, had visited Bihar on a pilgrimage. She expressed her peevishness at the murkiness of the poverty there. She had quintals and quintals of grains donated to the needy. And it still couldn't feed well. Thanks to the gods of Bihar. Those close to the temples were blessed with a morsel. How sad though, that we need a pretext to help. So if there were no temples there and no gods, there would be no living? The land of absolute lawlessness she witnessed, where people would storm inside reserved compartments and beat up anyone who didn't relent to their demands and open the train door. It is justified. Look at things from their perspective. They have just emerged from the most catastrophic events. Imagine water gushing into your house and you have nowhere to run for cover. The water doesn't only wash you off merely, but also dissolves your identity completely.

We do not forget. We don't turn indifferent.

Mumbai wept for them. Kind souls sent in few old clothes. A few months later, there were some caring people like Raj Thackeray whose men beat up some taxi drivers and some students who were from Bihar and UP. The people watched. The police watched. Actually, why have the police in the first place? Raj Thackeray knows well about the law of the land. He has gone to schools where he has been taken special lessons in compassion. Give the reigns of our state in the hands of Raj and MNS I say! They know what democracy is. And they donot misuse it. They just beat up anybody and everybody that they don't believe in. So what? Big Deal.

Amarnath Yatra

In a hurry to meet god, they reached heaven when hell broke.

What was the need to hurry? Why didn't we queue up? And why blame politicos for our inability to discipline ourselves? God can't bring the dead alive. But god can make people die. This is an insult to godliness by Humans. But some saw an opportunity to milk the valley. It would've been so nice if we had BJP winning votes minus religious agenda.

We do not forget. We don't turn indifferent.

The valley is green, BJP noticed that. It was death in a hindu shrine. the chief minister was Muslim. Wao, what an opportunity. And a prohindu party was blessed by amaranth. Kudos to BJP for seizing the opportunity. And kudos to the people of valley who fell to the trap. Why think when you have so many opportunists

Bombay Terror Attack

Forget Dhoni and Khusboo. Let's build a Temple for the Terrorists.

The 26th day of every month would be looked with a lot of scare. 26/7 to 26/11 Months have changed, but the date of tragedy has been permanent. On 26/11 terrorists stormed the TOT hotels (Taj Oberoi Trident) and created a blood bath of sorts. Kids of 21-25 years were armed with a uncompassionate will to destroy everything that came their way. Wish we were armed to combat them. Wish we acted and not reacted later after the damage was done. There were candle light marches. There were interreligious prayers. All because of these 10 terrorists who created havoc. Do we need terrorists to teach us lessons of unity? Then in that case, lets build a temple, a mosque, a synagogue, a gurudwara for the terrorists. They have gotten us united. Terrorism this time around was different. Previously there were bombs, this time there were actual people who were terrorizing the city> terrorism now, had a face. "Ajmal Kasab"

We do not forget. We don't turn indifferent.

As we raise a toast for those who have braved the guns and "Posthumously" let's get into our very evangelist "sprit" and donate money. A couple of thousands for your heart that just bled is a great idea. Hello! We need to do something for the dead and those turbulently alive. We know this is not our nature, but a social compulsion. Wouldn't the world say, here he has been making a living, but has not done anything for those affected by the killing. We have to lessen the weight of our wallets for a cause.

No money, okie, second option, join the herd. Peace marches are the best way to get noticed or light a candle re baaba. No one will point a finger at you and question you for being numb, comfortably. Yes, there will be a few people who will say that these are ineffective. But why care a tuppence. Just happily have your middle finger on display and move on, light another candle, mouth another slogan.

I dare not be judgmental about people's ways to express their solidarity. But I wish to state, that there has to be continued efforts. Jessica Lal found justice just by these peace marches. But for issues louder than that like terrorism. Peace marches have to migrate to the next phase. We had stated anti political slogans during the peace march on 03 December, and we demanded that Vilasrao and RR Patil who dismissed the terror attacks in Mumbai as a passé be replaced. Vilasrao was replaced by a young MBA graduate. And RR Patil was replaced by Bhujbal who has a history of corruption. Why was there no voice raised? We have forgotten? Shameless we should be to turn a blind eye to this. In fact Sharad Pawar has so much confidence in spiritless ever Ghajni Style Forgetfulness of Mumbai that he has given RR Patil an important place in NCP. You never know, the next elections, we might have RR winning and we again whining.

It's ultimately our choice.

We let the terrorists in. We got bought by terrorists.

But we revolted. Revolted after all the damage was done.

It has been such a devastating year with shamelessness at its peak. Think innovative, for people have a short memory span.

As I say, it isn't a revolution if it dies. It is then just a maddening outburst of emotions.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I was hit by Qusab’s bullets!

I am a nameless individual in the still so lovely Bombay. As I lie here, there are somethoughts that I wish to share about that eventful day. 26-11. I am a survivor of terror attacks. And this is my story.

It was just another day. I walked inside CST station for my usual round up. As I walked in I heard a loud noise.... "Thudddd". Suddenly I could see people storm out of the station frantically. The noise was so loud; it scared off the dogs out too. I could see some stray dogs running out of station with their tails ducked between their hind limbs. As I peeped inside the station, I could a man firing indiscriminately at innocent people. It was a dreadful sight.

Suddenly, I could hear an announcement made by my friend Zende. The terrorists couldn't make out from where the announcements were made. But they did fire bullets and Zende hid behind a mask. People were warned not to take the front entrance as there were terrorists there.

I was at the front entrance and I was scared. But how could I just stand there without doing anything. These were my people who were shot. This is my station. This is my street and This is my Bombay. I couldn't stand there doing nothing, even if there were many who did nothing. Some officials fled the scene, some stood there behind whatever wall they could find and gave the terrorist a fight. I walked in the station with fear in my heart and fire in my belly. I went straight to terrorist Qasab (yah yah the same guy you watched in the News). I looked at him Eye-To-Eye and hollered at him. I gave my vengeance a vent. Foolish I was people might feel for standing there next to him, it was like committing suicide. And it was. He lifted his rifle and shot me. I collapsed. I lied in a pool of in enormous pain. I was dying in my station which turned a battle field. I tried saving. I stood in front of the bullet. I tried saving my people. I did try. But I failed. I failed miserably. I was drenched in blood and all the blood was not mine. All was red. It was difficult to say, which blood stain was whose.

I waited for death to bless me off this pain. But, I was destined to live I guess. After the terrorists fled the scene. People, living and dead, in horrendous blood bath were rescued and ushered in to different hospitals. I was taken by a good Samaritan to a hospital in Parel. I am at the ICU fighting for life.

I should be free soon, I have a fighting spirit and I want to live. I will go back to my station again. I will stay put there and be on guard and again scream at any suspicios person who dares to shake my Bombay and her people. I love Bombay.

But I also know, that I might be killed by my own Bombay for trying to save them. You know, if I spot someone looks suspicious and I scream. And if he turns out to be just an ordinary guy and complains to the authorities. This mistake could cost me my life. I will be dragged by the BMC and killed.

I just wanted to tell you Bombay, still. Whatever the end result be, I will try to save my Bombay and her people, or will die trying.

Yours Obediently!,


Sheru is recuperating in the animal hospital.

Kudos BMC, you should kill NUISANCE stray dogs. And thanks Bombay for supporting this by being silent this time and not speaking for the speechless Sheru and his ilk. Let the dogs die. We will put all our energies in killing them, but not 50% of the time, money or energy in sterilization programmes which have been a super success all across the world. Killing is easier.


I recollect that I did receive a call (via Mumbai Terror Helpline) by some kind soul who asked me for the number of NGOs for stray dogs and narrated the story of a stray dog screaming at the terrorist until he was shot by the rascal. I donot remember who the kind soul was and I have not stored the number. If you are the person. Please call me, id love to meet you.

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