Friday, August 21, 2009

Shah Rukh never rukhs

An odd name. An ugly face. Voice minus intonation and highly stammered. Television boy. Short stature. Godfatherless - He could well be dismissed as one of the many people who come to Bombay from all parts of the world with a belief that they will transverse their way to the top. Bollywood is a dream not for the faint hearted. It is easy to realize though for those with conviction, and élan. From the boy who looked so plain and frail in a television serial called fauji, to a little circus manager role in Circus, to his first break in Deewana opposite Divya Bharati and Rishi Kapoor. He moved swiftly, and walked past all controversies that kept others lured. He is someone with such a steadfast focus and energy nonpareil. All was not very hunky-dory with his career; he has his usual bout of crazy hiccups in bollywood and allegations behind the curtains about his alleged love affairs and constant speculation about his sexuality. Much that no one knows till date the true picture. There are theories of course. With lots of mirch masala in it. There was this allegation that he has been through casting couch. But he wasn’t forced to do anything he himself agreed to it. Then there were rumour mills whistling about something cooking between him and Divya Bharati but the most infamous was some sections of the media speaking about him and Juhi Chawla. I have some friends who tell me that her kids look like him. For a commoner, every star is slutty. Some might be true, some might be false. But we would not stop our habit of being judgmental about them. And are they complaining? No! that keeps them on the top and on every lip. So be it unsaid words about his alleged bisexuality with Gauri and Karan, or his fallout with Aditya Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan … things would be well kept in a sealed envelope.

I still remember the brashness and arrogance in him when he walked up the stage for his first filmfare for deewana.. and he very brazenly declared “I will be back for more”. That was the killer confidence he had in himself. He was so focused. And knew that success was coming his way. He paved his own path, and was the architect of his own dreams. Most importantly, he believed very strongly on his dreams. It was hard to imagine that this was the same guy who is now at the tusauds wax museum who bared his butt in Maya Memsaheb.

pardon the graphic language in the video. Body double?? dont think so.

Anyone else could have got branded as an Arty film actor after a film like that and that kind of haklata hua speech. But speak to Shahrukh now, you would see no traces of his stammer. No, I am not a big fan of his.but am a lover of his energy and sensible PR management.

Does every film of Shahrukh rule the box office? No. It doesn’t. he has given some very horrible duds in the history of Bollywood. (remember Guddu?, trimurti??o darling yeh hai india???) And there are some films of his like the RabNe Bana Di Jodi which weren’t run away successes. As a producer, he has been extremely unlucky. He started with Ashoka.. and several flops like one two ka four, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.. that he finally decided to call off his very on-the-face alliance with juhi chawla and switched to Farah Khan… life has been a song for him ever since. So will it be with his tryst with sports. A thing that I love about him is that he never fails to try, and he never shies of failure… and he learns from his failures to perfect his art, be it advertising, films, or sports.

I was thinking that Shah Rukh is suddenly out of news and that we have nothing to speak about him. And Bang, came in the controversy as he was detained in the Newark airport for questioning due to his last name. Racial profiling??? Naa. I don’t think so. Incidentally, his next flick with KJo and KJol – My Name Is Khan is on floors. What perfect timing for controversy.

I dont find him to be a class actor, but my view doesnt matter in teh chorus cheer for him.

If it was not the film My Name Is Khan... this would have not been in news at all. Shahrukh is a religion by himself. What racial profiling of a man. The man who is a race apart!


Shakthi said...

SRK has always been and will be the bad boy that we all love to hate . I hate his hamming style of dialogue delivery .

That being said , he is a lesson for management grads in brand positioning and management .

Juhi and Him / Kjol and him are hard to believe that they are false , but then that is his life

Ahem!Aham !

Sudeep Bhaumick said...

"I am not a big fan of his, but am a lover of his energy and sensible PR management."

Echo that the man is a machine and a really good businessman.

Nice post..

rishi said...

I am not a fan of shahrukh but regarding this issue i would say he was right that being khan or being muslim might be the reason.or u can say as he was celebraty the issue was hyped more in media but in general people are really facing this problem post 9/11 0r 26/11

bollywooddeewana said...

Great write up on the so called 'king of bollywood', like you i am not a huge lover, but after reading your post i can't help but consider him some kind of genius

Its my first time here, and what a great blog you have Keep it up

rahul said...

I agree SRK is not even a half decent actor..but I am big of his clearly shows that you can do anything if you truly want to!!

Sandeep Bali said...

I wasnt a fan of Shahrukh unless I encountered him in person through my dad..

I really dont like his style of acting.. but can say for sure.. in end of day he is just as humane as we are.. with same proportions of greed and selfishness we all have.. but he also dont hesitate to do any good deed when he gets a chance..

Now I praise him as a human being..

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