Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mumbai Twestival – A SuperFuntastic Experience

Does a cause fund raiser need to be necessarily drab and boring with hyperventilating activists and very difficult unpalatable words…??? That’s how the cliché is na. But we are alag and unique.

We do it with a lot of spunk and funk. We danced, wrangled and twined, and we do not cry and whine about what we couldn’t, but we jumped and dived into what we could.

3 cheers to the organizers of the Mumbai Twestival, @Netra @Mokshjuneja @farrhad and @monikkam for organizing this unique event, and thinking of supporting a social cause, whilst having fun. And Hadippa! What fun we had. I told Moksh that id be meeting him before 6:30, and reached around 7:30. In Bombay you always have an excuse – Traffic. And that’s so a passé to say – Traffic mein fas gaya tha.

The evening started with Netra screaming and screeching (very school head-ministerni like ) on the Mic, And if you thought she was angry, frustrated or something. You are absolutely wrong. She was just thanking the sponsors.

The Sponsors Were Bombay Store, Only Gizmos, Cadbury Bournville, Tata DoCoMo, Shoppers Stop, and also free themes for blogs by Sandeep Bali and musical night invitation by Mihir – (Yay! Yay!) The sweetheart that Netra is , she handed over the mic to each of the sponsors, and thankfully, the sponsors dint talk about the offers of their product or engage in loud brand promotion, but rather spoke about the larger cause that the Twestival was supporting the Nonprofit organization “Help A Child”.

Help a child by the beautiful @andreaclear is an organization that supports deserving students who drop out because of lack of requisite funds with tuition fee and allied education costs.

Netra all of a sudden. Called me and shoved the mic onto my gullet. (LOL) I thought of an innovative way of getting people introduced. I chose to call it Speed Dating. I asked people
to come over and introduce themselves and asked the audience if they were a hit or a miss. After some 7-8 people the interest level dwindled and my concept fell flat on its face (sad puppy face) We needed something peppier, something that was more upbeat and appealed to all and sundry.

…Then came our man Moksh, to give us some moksh from what was beginning to be seen as ekdam pheeka evening. He started the Housie. This had 5 prizes, each of the lines, and 2 full housie… The event pepped up the audience. But still they were largely in their own closed groups. (huh!!!)

When we thought ”gayii bhains paani mein”, Outta blue cometh Our pretty lady - @SrushtiRao made a celebrittyish late entry. She came

, and dish dang toingggg she created quite a furor … she picked up the mic and instigated people to lie. I screamed on the microphone, “@GulPanag “is here. And that did catch the attention of some lover log of Gul. Still some smart pants, could make out that I was spinning a yarn. (huh!)Srushti got frustrated, and simply started gyrating her hips to the music… and so did I. And then one joined, and then one, and then one… and suddenly the whole audience was spinning and shaking an arm, a bum, a hand, or at least an eyelid. At this event, srushti invented a lot of new species of dance forms like – Scooter Dance, Dhobhi Dance etc, We also did the best of Mumbaiyya street dance, She danced we all a followed and we stopped only when the restaurant manager asked us to, else we were prepared to dance away the night.

Post that we had singing sessions, and then we finally vacated the place.

Our masti continued on the streets, on our way to dinner, and back home. tHe feeling was truly resonating.... vibrations of the twestival were felt ....persistently hammering us even now, 30 hours later.

The Queen of the day was definitely Srushti and the king, Moksh!

In Joy,

P.S. Mind naat my Englisss man! Im still dancing while I am typing.

P.P.S. I have stolen all photos from the Facebook Accounts of Moksh Juneja, Mayank Gupta and Annkur.

Schhh! Don’t tell anybody.

Here are the links: Moksh’s Album , Mayank’s Album and Annkurs Album

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