Monday, December 21, 2009

The Humsafar Trust 16th Aniversary Celebrations

     "I shed my inhibitions. My fears.  I travelled light” - Lance Armstrong

Uninhibited, Undeterred, Unassuming and Unperturbed… they danced, they sang, they spoke, and were themselves with no apprehensions or self-doubt about their sexuality, or the method in which they chose to express it.  I consider queens and transsexuals as normal people, but still, I should admit in this forum that I  used to feel  odd with them around. The fears were mine, and it was my petty thinking, I knew. I was always told as a child “if you don’t do this, I will tell that chakka to take you away”. (Then we just had one  offensive word to  categorize them all, - chakka.) And this had indented such a massive blow on my thinking that it left me prejudiced until this day. Of course, my outlook towards transsexuals, cross dressers and queens had changed, and positively so, but the fear lurked on.   I wished to conquer my apprehensions and fear. And when I heard the emphatic reply when I asked my friend deep if he plans to attend the humsafar bash - “I am DEFINITELY going”, I was pepped up.

in the pic: the famous Laxmi at a Sony TV show with Salman Khan

We entered at around 6ish and had to queue up to sign a muster. It was a serpentine queue, but thankfully, our turn came much quicker than expected. As I stood in the line for my turn, I saw a few queens trying to do a line-maro on me… with their tirchi nazar, they looked at me from the corner of their cornea. LOL.  Should admit,  was quite flattering, though it made me a little uncomfortable and self conscious. I held on to Deep like adam to a fig leaf, camouflaging myself in the behind of my friend. The acted confident and dint probably even let Deep know about my vacillating moves. After a little bit of a musical chair play, we ended up sitting bang next to the stage. The music went on, the performances began… the colour and candor was just amazing. What impressed me most was their free spirited and raw approach. The emcees fumbled, the CD scratched, and the mic screeched, but there was no stopping – the spirits were high and they danced till they dropped with confidence and exuberance.   Conquering every inhibition and in a high, they danced! And they danced, and they danced.

I felt ashamed of my own inhibitions and  that I had typecast'd them as frivolous. The venue  was close to the station, the train track was close and an occasional train would pass by and the voyeuristic nation that we are people had they eye balls popping out as they looked. But were they conscious and did they fumble??? Naaah! They simply overlooked the prying eyes.

It clearly was the celebration of free spirit. It was a celebration of free thought. It was a celebration of freedom from all bias and prepossess. A transforming experience.

What??? You dint attend this event???

Acha-cha-chooh! Sorry. The wait is too long - 1 year.


anulaaboobacker said...

I still remember how my office security stopped a transgender from entering our office premises, even though she was my guest! I had to coax the security and finally let her in grumbling that it will bring bad luck to the office.
Similar was the reaction of a friend who saw two transgenders sitting ideally on the road.. She screamed and hide behind me creating a scene in the middle of the road.
And when I apologized to those unfortunate human beings, the only expression on their face was contempt! Can i blame them??

*Aham* said...

we cant blame them anula. it aint their mistake. and more importantly, their sexuality is not a mistake.

Imagine the trauma they would have to go thru everyday... being ill treated and treated as a bane or a boon.. but never human and humane.

Nadhiya said...

Acha - cha - chooo ... How so sweeeeeeeeeet ..

Yes it is indeed a transformation..

and there is much more to come


Srushti Rao said...

Dont we all want to feel liberated in life... my definition of liberation may be different from yours, but aint it liberation of spirit nonetheless...

And acceptance is the greatest power that humans have. I accept someone the way they are... accept them for what they are and u will love it.

I hope everyone learns that in life. Not everyone is made from the same mould, some are different.

Loved the way u wrote the whole piece.


Anonymous said...

Liberation is not abt being mod.....Its abt accepting ones INDIVIDUALITY.....
Welcoming the positive change


Tina said...

We are all made by the same flesh and blood, have all the same emotions. So we should accept each other as what we are and we should accept the different ways of living and loving too.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

*Aham* said...

@tina @srushti @NB thank u. Agree with you.

@Anonymous Of course you can.ID feel nice if you mention that its my blog though. :) and YUPP! I am on twitter. look for @hiyer

*Aham* said...

@tina @srushti @NB thank u. Agree with you.

@Anonymous Of course you can.ID feel nice if you mention that its my blog though. :) and YUPP! I am on twitter. look for @hiyer

Standbymind said...

Our society is rigid ..very rigid.. but things are changing..though at snail s pace...but they are!!!

(Nice blog you have in here mate)

Aarini said...

I thought I needed to be here too....I know that the situation is beyond repair...and in fact its become worst now when you see them begging on streets...but then sometimes I really query myself...couldnt a harmonised revolution have made it a better world for them to live in...if only the energy could have been channelised on a constructive note than destructive one...You know Harish for anybody to make their voice heard, they need to shout from their own throat...

Hope I made sense...:)

*Aham* said...

@standby change thats silent, the change thats here to stay. :)

@aarini agree.. yes you make sense.. a lot of sense.

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