Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Once Upon A Time... An Indian!

madhuri fidaa hussain has been creating quite a ripple in the media than what the silver screen's original diva madhuri did when she chucked AK47 dhaari sanju and tied the knot with injection dhaari nene.

both are chammak challos in their respective fields. madhuri's pelvic thrust is as famous as hussains brush and they both are just visitors to india. madhuri ka bacchas were born in colarado. and are imported. madhuri is india’s official import and speaks a language that we understand best- bollywood. fir… kaiko? kashaala?… no drama was created during madhuri ka exit from india.

and secondly, i wonder if the people who are protesting or protecting mf hussain know anything about art? mf hussain is just a nice topic. unlike his muse who dint irk anyone or invoke any badaa controversy. the microbiologist madhuri  just suffered once when she faced the brunt of not being a good student of  history in school and stated that nepal was a part of india.

i have received hazaar instigating emails that would make any hindu red with anger. they were about hindu goddess  in the nude vis-à-vis muslim deities fully clothed. it is so easy to instigate people. i personally have photos of goddesses at home which have goddesses in the nude. i prostrate to them and watch them in awe. “chitoor bhagwati” she is called, and she is bare chested.  did i think of them sexually? no. similarly, i was always fond of  lord krishna since childhood, and i disliked lord rama for deserting sita. religion is open for interpretation. this is my interpretation, you are free to have yours and i would respect that too. 

now speaking about  hussain, im no connoisseur of art, and don’t claim to know the nuances of it. but anyways, at 95, who knows how long he would live, and where his grave would be. and how does that matter. i wonder why the media and his lovers have woken up now when he is becoming officially a qatar national. where were the mfh lovers when he was forced to be on exile. 

aiyyo raama yeh kaisaa drama...


bindaasviti said...

you spoke my mind in this post! i was having a discussion about m.f. hussain with someone on twitter just the other day because i got one of the emails you mentioned.
i personally don't find his works offensive, and i believe that even if they genuinely hurt some people, making him leave the country is an extreme.
good post, keep it up!

Aaditya M. Joshi said...

One, you offended me by the name you use for Madhuri in the opening reference. It clearly told me that you thrive on sensationalism Harish! It will not get you anywhere - ofcourse it will get a lot of mileage the book that you are coming up with.

Kisi ne bol diya ki Ram ne sita ki agniparikshaa leke bura kiya... toh bas! You keep chewing on that point because, you know, you are a proud proud feminist.

I repeat what a friend of mine told me few weeks ago (and I do NOT claim that they are my thoughts, unlike what I have pointed out you doing several times in the past.). MF Hussain took the freedom of creative expression too far. We all can imagine what would've happened to him had he used that liberty in case of anything related to Islam. MFH grew up in Pandharpur, Maharashtra and has a clear understanding of the sensibilities .

Wake up Harish. Being so much in love with yourself and reiterating SEVERAL stories again and again and again about yourself will make you realize that one day, you are a lonely man with no one to look up to. I fear that day for you.

*Aham* said...

@aaditya i thrive on sensationalism. and this comes from you...:) if you are saying so. then must be true. Sorry but you will never understand why i reiterate several stories again and again. And I am in no mood to explain.

just a wish... irrespective our differences online, hope we remain friends offline :) I do value you as a friend. :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Well, its not about supporting MFH, its more about India losing its image of being tolerant to literature/art all over again, after Salman Rushidie episode. Many foreigners seek refuge in India due to similar trouble and we do extend our hand, so when it happens to a person born here, it makes mockery of our statements that were uttered before. Hence Hue and cry, nothing about the painter, most cannot afford his paintings anyway.

adee said...


u really seem to love trending topics

dude, if one Danish cartoonist draws pictures of The Prophet a thousand miles ago in some other country, protesters here run amock and burn watever comes there way. but if somebody takes his 'freedom of creative expression' too far here in India, against the majority community, then nobody should say a thing to him. why? 'cos we are secular? where was this secularity when the govt. developed cold feet on giving shelter to Tasleema? she also used her 'creative freedom'. where were the media savvy bleeding hearts when a writer is issued death threat or fatwa on writing a novel?

the trouble is, it's fashionable to tote the pseudo-secularist, liberal-minded line when it comes to using creative freedom against the majority community and too easy to brand anybody talking about Hindu sensibilities a 'fanatic'.

think about it. think about where do u stand. and i hope u do write a post in reply to what i wrote.

*Aham* said...


kuch bhiii. trending topics and all.. these topics interest me.. and so i speak about them... ofcourse i do when the world is speaking... so it may seem like what u thought...

achhaaa.. and i just mentioned that there are photos and statues of hindu goddesses and gods and they are much venerated. And not looked down upon... I am not going the fashionable way.

adee said...

not only looking at Hindu gods and godesses, but also respecting them, venerating them...even the so called nude or erotic pics is one thing and putting them on canvas for commercial reasons in one thing.

u haven't answered any of my questions in ur reply. if MFH was so creative, why didn't he used imagery or symbolism from Islam itself? because he knew, that the moment he did this, he'll sign his own death warrant.

its pure commerce my dear friend. and innocent people like u, just go with the hype created by the pseudo-secular media of our country.

i would again request you to think about the topics i wrote in these two comments and write the next post about them.


aagan said...

ummm....i think Madhuri's reference is wastage of blog space...otherwise a very well written blog!!! extremists are present in every religion.and they just try to feel innocent minds with hatred like the RSS,VHP or BD are doing.Hussains paintings arent offensive to me coz we hindus worship even God of sexuality.If u find only sexuality in nudity then u need to get ur mentality checked!!! great bro....awesome.... Kudos....

P.S.Comparison with danish cartoonist baseless as iconography doesnt exist is Islam so people found it unacceptable.In fact the detractors of hussain even morphed his real pictures to incite the people.

I firmly believe art shud have its own voice,common man with little or no knowledge shudnt spread any rumor about anything artist,Same for Hussain same for Tasleema...a great writer forced 2 live in exile!!!Mst of those who object to her writings havent even read a single book of her.

SO just let them be....dont fall prey to the traps of fundamentalists.just believe in peace

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