Tuesday, April 06, 2010

You Are My ShoNia

They always skirt important issues...  

.. it all started with her flying skirt, then her dates, and now her life mate.

I usually don’t engage in media bashing. As I am very unfashionable, but this time, dimaag ko shot happened.

The Hyderabadi Biryani has been seen as a mere masala by the digghaj's in the media. The way she laments on TV, it is not difficult to presume that she soon might become the Princess Diana of Indian sports.

Everything she does becomes a headline. Whom she courts, concerns us more than, how she plays on the court. We stand in the stands, left with nothing to understand.

I dont know why the media want to play the real villain in this Veer-Zaara love story.

And the engendered tigers have also roared… They are singing " you are my... you are my... you are my SHO-NIA"... Wish they did spend some time and efforts and raised their voice for the Pune girl. who was raped with the same vengeance. But khair, rape and rapists are non issues. The Sho-Nia love story is where th real meat is.

TOI has become a ghanchakker running behind stories of people’s chakkars. They are fast becoming yesteryears Mid-Day- minus the mate, but with stories of Dates.

Whether Shoaib had hallu hallu "hello hello" nikaah... or did Ayesha dupe her by actually showing someone elses pics.. who cares. Ayesha ulf Maha should just stop churaooing plots from bollywood films... (remember The Angry Chetan ka Chetna)


And about Shohaib. What a loss to the Indian media

The Indian Tiger Wood… is not even Indian. Shame Shame.


Adee said...

our media is so pathetic that it deserves the world's best worst media award :D
why can't they find some real issues to highlight!

*Aham* said...

yes yes,,., ours is worlds best worst media. :)

sushil said...

this is Sushil from khalsa college, remember the film made on Vikhroli?...the same one....okies...i liked ur post abt Sania's issue, and even i putted a status abt the pune issue when media was bombarding the wedding bombs, but wht i feel is its her life n she has to take the decision, wht others have to do wid ths? whtever happens wid her later...she wil b the only responsible for...might it b good or bad..
nice comment u hav given Harish....bt it stil feels bad for the reason she is goin wid a shoaib...as we had zaheer, kaif n many others also...i hope u got the point!!!!
ne ways, even i hav started blogging wid few of my poems, here is the link..http://sushilithink.blogspot.com/......ur comments r most welcomed
Sushil M. Atre

Anonymous said...

Even my first thought when I heard about this whole issue was of Veer Zaara. LOL!
But can you speak Hindi properly?
Haha, 'cause it doesn't seem like you can. :P It was really cute the way you wrote, "dimaag ko shot" though. Hahaha!

कुश said...

Chadhte suraj ko har koi salaam karta hai..

media knows that no body is interested in the story of the pune girl.

A very true dialogue of recently released movie 'love sex aur dhokha' where the journalist says "yaha par log news nahi prime time entertainment dekhna chahte hai.."

People should stop to watch these ridiculous news.

over all a nice article..

डॉ .अनुराग said...

मै इसे बर्बाद होते एक देश (pakistan)के लोगो में देशभक्ति का एक अनावश्यक इन्फ्युज़न कहूँगा जो तात्कालिक ओर जरूरी मुद्दों से परे ....मुद्दों के बाजारीकरण का एक नमूना है ....जिसमे कई लोगो का चतुराई से इस्तेमाल है

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