Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The heat is on!

The heat is on, literally and metaphorically. The Moaists are in attack mode, and Chidds is in the witness box. The case is up for hearing, the case is on. Undoubtedly, this is the Indie Taliban, and has the ability to be brutal and barbaric in ways that we can’t even imagine. Guess these days, insanity seems to be the flavour season, and insaniyaat be damned. These fanatics have killed more people than Kasab. And in more barbaric ways. I feel, they have gone beyond the “let’s sit and talk” phase. Talk what, and why? Are we planning to reason with them? Can there be any reason to justify their attitude? Chidds acts tough; it’s the need of the hour. Matter not, if there is a circus at parliament over accusations about Chidambaram’s carelessness. The session will get adjourned.  But then again, what’s new in that. Anyways, Chidds is known to take criticism on his stride from both Gharwale and Baharwale. He is a big boy, so no silly grunts and no public vents from him. My concerns are different, more than anything else, I am bothered his mundu and  kanji dipped white shirt,  id be shattered if I spot some daag or crease in those. Till then brand “chidds” – Jiyooh!

Aiyyo. This is too much of silliness to handle. Khaap ka Shaap  is Khuda-ki-Awaaz or what?  Sure, the science of  Gotra could be justified by genetic maps. And it is school boy knowledge that more the variety of genes, the better is the progeny. But wonder if over generations, there has been a complete bhelpuri of genes anyway. I am born to same gotra parents. I am well and unwell, like any other friend of mine. Thank god my parents dint hail from Haryana. Else I wouldn’t be here  writing this article. Nothing can justify Manoj- Babli’s murder. Nothing at all.  Thought the act is beyond debate, until Navin Jindal offered to take their voice to the Honorable house. How a well educated man can be the Khaap’s voice, I thought. But then it struck me, yeh politics hai yaar.  First become god sent messenger, massage egos and win confidence, then come back saying – I understand, I tried, I failed. We call it the Vote-Bank politics.

Also, today is a reason to rejoice that Rathore, the guy behind Ruchika's molestation, is convicted. Really? he has been giving a sentence of 18 months. It makes me wonder if he has molested a girl or chorried a watch. 


Crazy kiyaa re. Cannes has a lot of Indian flavor to it this time. The Ravan crew - Bahu and Baby Bachchan were at their enigmatic best. But the show stealer was the gorgeous wife of Mani Ratnam. (She doesn’t need to be referred by her husband’s name. She is quite a celebrity herself with a national award in her kitty and Kamal Hasan in her genes) She is graceful, poised, simple and elegant. Wonderful to note that our aaj ka Devdas maker – Anurag Kashyap was also there and so was “anything for the camera” – Mallika Sherawat. She landed with a real saap around her neck. “Tuff” job! What she thinks? She will create hissssstory? Well sweets, love your confidence…  try try and try, but  Sridevi of Nagina can never  be replaced. Never Ever!


Farheen Fatima said...

Ur blog has convinced me dat u wud make a gr8 writer. No doubt Shobha De wud have liked ur work. Keep writing!!!

*Aham* said...

@farheen love you. :)

Punit Dubey said...

Chiddu to Khapp to Rathore and Cannes......nice and tangy views! :)

*Aham* said...

thanks Punit

nituscorner said...

trust sherawat to do something like that. Ugh!!!!

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