Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Null And The Void.

There are too many sad things and that too soon. Life is taking a melancholic turn, fear looms as it seems we get closer to doom. Just look at the way things have regressed. A plane falls up a hill one day, the next day,  we hear is that the murderer of 30,000 plus people walks free… hearty and hail, out of the jail.
Funny is our judicial system, and funnier is our psyche. We forget too fast. Remember only dates. Twenty six eleven, seven eleven, and yaah, how can I forget twenty six seven. Sometimes I wonder what's rifer; the shame of the rifle or oxygen denied a refill.  The point I am making is that we live in lives so null and void. Our today is not in search of a better tomorrow, but a prayer of not being denied and devoid of a tomorrow… so ominous a feeling of falling beyond repair.
Most of the wounds on humans are inflicted by excited humans. Excited by greed, excited by lust, or excited by insanity. The Bhopal gas tragedy is a result of human greed inciting nature’s fury. Union carbide leaked the gas, and left nature chocked forever. The ones who managed to inhale were welcomed to haven. The ones who exhaled lived in dearth on earth. Some were blinded, the gene pool is left mutated… the signs  of this once-upon-a-time leak, cant be just unjustly associate with a date. Come on people, lets move beyond this chronological classification. What has happed has not just left us zapped, but has left a insolvable blot on humanity. This cannot be wiped, or dated. What's abysmal a failure is not that so many died, or so many lived. The failure as humans is when we let the culprits off hook, frisking away to their country  so easily. After some 20 odd years, the families of the affected have been given some compensation which is reportedly a joke, and the bigger joke is that the one whose negligence and greed gassed around 30,000 people was awarded a mere 2 year sentence, and almost then-and-there we left on bail. What a shame. Kasab was also indoctrinated, these guys were sanely insane. UC deserved to not just be fucked off but also royally fucked for the sinister crimes they committed. But we left them flee as if it were a fly they killed. Pity. Pity…

On a complete tangent, Sri Sri Ravishankar (love the branding- Sri Sri… double god? Demigod??? ), of Art of Living was supposedly attacked. There was huge drama an hungama over it later to realize that the bullet was aimed at stray dogs. And then the enquiry was stalled. I wonder how, firing a bullet on a dog is “okay” for Art of Living bhakhtjans.  I never believe in these god men. I see god in goodness. I know not much about Sri Sri Ravishankar except that he has the sexy Rhea Pillai as a follower who is completely mantra mughdh about his art of living. Art of Living is a course, cleverly disguised as a discourse. There is a fee to attend the art of living, and I have heard that this money is used for charity.  I wonder wonder though, with no specific reference to Sri Sri how do god men get to travel all across the world? I mean, where does the money come from? Does god make currency notes, and smuggle them to god men?

I don’t have an opinion against Sri Sri, but rightly put by Shobhaa De, “A Guru is known by the followers he or she attracts”. Shobhaa De was attacked for her view about “Sri Sri” it dint go down well by his followers, which is okay. What's not okay are the comments. Read it for yourself.

Now, I have an opinion against Sri Sri. If this is how Sri Sri followers attack people, then god alone knows what is being taught at art of living. Funny. If these are god men, then yes, gods must be crazy. 

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