Friday, July 30, 2010

Love The Man In The Mirror

I’d bare my body, to clothe your soul.

I’d die this moment, to live a whole.

I’d create sound to give waves to the quiet.

Id give up peace of the complacency, just for the unsettling mindless riot.

I’d fly away with half grown wings….

I’d dance on the moon and over the sun sing..

I am in love I feel.

A special kind of feeling this is.

I expect none, seek nothing in return.

Loving is not a favour, it is my instinct… and my being…

Im  sure your mind will dance to someone’s rhythm,  feel  someone’s pulse.  

And I love you so much that, I’d love everything that loves you..  

Irrespective of whether our roads meet on a highway..
From the truth, I cant shy away.
It is true, I love you…


How can I expect the same from you,

When I love you, your share too?


Adee said...

flying away with half grown wings
we discover
each other
in flights, in fantasies
loving the man in the mirror
we fall to our inadequacies

*Aham* said...

true that!

baavriviti said...

i guess not thinking much and letting love take over is the best way to go about this :D
beautifully put :)

Maddy said...

Hope and wish you Let there be "Childbirth" soon on your Pragnnt thoughts. I mean Let the Love blossom!

Came thro one of twitter reco!

TinaDaja said...

Love this poem. As long as we find words and such beautiful thoughts the world has hope of peace and love. :-)

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