Monday, July 19, 2010

Mock Your Fears! … Tere Bin Laden

It was a lazy Sunday. I had a terrible headache. my plans to hangout with a friend and watch inception fizzled off. And I wanted to see a film. So desperately to see a film. My options were many – Lamhaa, Tere Bin Laden, Inception, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Udaan (Khatta Meeta is off my list). I dint want to sit in the theater with a headache and analyze whats happening in people's minds or what a youth goes through or why Kashmir is burning… I wanted to have a chilled out time… with a total popcorn flick. And thus "Tere Bin Laden" (TBL).

The film is a total entertainer. I hate to "analyze" fun films. Yet I would like to state that TBL is a has a strong message sent out very subtly and in a comic way. The plot is scatterbrainy, the film is a total nonsense… but that's the very essence of the film. 

Fear is an emotion, I wish we could we could make a joke of. And this film just does that. The film speaks of the terror phobia post 9-11 and the real desperate methods that both countries deploy to trap Osama Bin Laden.

The film opens with a desperate Pakistani reporter, who wants to make it big in Amreeka. This is post 9/11. There are moments in the film that are so fragile, that just flimsy slip and the film is doomed. Moments like, when the main protagonist – Ali , is seen rehearsing on his handy cam – about the perfect way to speak "Muslim" in American accent. He settles for "MOZZLIM" as the Americans pronounce. It makes a mockery of phobia and racism by showing Ali being arrested for just holding a butter knife in his hand. Guess what… the brutal torture that suspects are subjected too is shown as a song – ULLU DA PATTA. Now, you can imagine, how tiny is the rope that the film balances itself on. But it not only manages the acrobat, it also manages some somersaults on the tight rope. After a series of events, in a wonderfully scripted plot, the reporter spots a man who looks like Osama. And he thinks of making a video with the fake Osama and selling it to a channel for a big quick buck. And he succeeds. Who join him in the coy ploy plot?


  1. A sexxaad makeup artist (who leaves osama awe struck with her vital stats)

  2. A round bottomed cameraman

  3. An lackluster radio jock

  4. The cock raiser (no pun!) – Osama Lookalike – the adorable hero of the film.
And many more mad people…

The film is difficult to describe scene by scene, as it is an experience by itself. The film touches on issues like animal empathy, Racism, Bombing of Afghanistan and of course terror… without spelling it out. It is all done in the passing and in a light hearted manner that you take home the message without being obvious or force-fed.

Though I love serious films. Much that, I am associated with I AM Abhimanyu and Amen, I should admit that cool comic ways of telling gory tales the best way to communicate a strong message to the masses. And this film achieves that effortlessly.
Performances are avant-garde. Ali Zafar as the America-lover is sexy… (Pak guys are super hot). Just that his face looks as if it was smashed on the elevator door. The radio jock is fantastic. Barry John as the dimwit American stands up to the standards of the acting academy that he runs in real life. The make up artist (don't know her name) is perfect. And the taste-the-thunder is Noor – the fake Osama. He is just adorable – take home show mom.

The music is forgettable, but who cares, it fits in the film like hand in glove. We get to peep into Pakistan, which is not very different from what we saw in delhi6.

This film is set in Pakistan, and produced by India. Hats off to the shetty sisters and sharan kapoor for their conviction and trust in the director – abhishek Sharma. This film could have slipped to being crass even
if it missed the point by a whisker. For the producers to have faith in this script and to stand by the director is a great gesture.

A brave film. A fun film. A nice film. Go Watch It! Just leave your analytical brains at home… 

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