Friday, August 27, 2010

love : the alibi

i love you more than every yesterday,
i breathe you, every single day,

my heart that beats says it loud,
like a little girl whose riddle was unwound,

i found my treasure, my life in you,
richer than haven, pious than morning dew,

you came like a rainbow, shielded miles of my sky,
when i missed my steps, you filled in, camouflaged the stage with your entice,

today, i slip, i stand,
yet you withstand, 

you hold mountains of love in your hand,
when even slips away from my hand a grain of  sand,

i know when we are done with life, and bid good bye, 
we would but still be living, our love would be the alibi.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

find no love, feel it!

i have been here eons before.
here my heart was brought to the fore.

the hearts met, promises were made
i discovered myself under his shade.

then he said, you are mine.
lets undress, lets unwind

we then rolled over the hay,
i felt divine, like night shone over day.

my lips met his,
it was bliss.

he said,
the words in bed.

one by one we
turned around, and our virgin joys were spayed,
suddenly under the brazen coldness of heated day,

we started the end
with pretense. 

then i realized i was devoid,
null and void.

my silence was lost in the world so quiet,
i found my shadows disappear under the light.

never could again,
feel love flowing in the same vein.  

full of ifs and buts.
i turned a slut

the world loves a lover, until he is ditched.
life is a crazy witch

the world teased my fears,
while i fleeced my tears

until my eyes were dry,
and i couldn’t cry.

i saw no hope, in the world so dark
shared my bed with many, just to spot the spark.

then one day, star shone bright.
to the
web of someone, i clung tight.

i thought id never say it again,
but said the words from my heart so inane.

i hung on to the phone, and smiled away,
with speechless eyes hollered yay!

you made me blush, but left in rush,
with no sound, he left my mind unsound

i remember the day, i wanted to die.
now, i want my life to fly.
i was once a wingless bird. 
i have now found new wings; want to flaunt them to the world.
i want to fly away in the virgin sky,
now, today i want to live, id choose another day to die.

now i no more have to find love, i just have to feel it.
i’m loving it, living it … within me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the due dew

that was an other day

when my life was swept away.
off the shore i almost sunk,
battered with one lung.

... and then again, another day,
the wind chimed in my way.
over the shore in pristine blue, 
mirroring the sky was a lone droplet of dew. 

in heat in despair, 
the dew with no care.

before the dew could die, 
...the waves could eat and the sun could dry. 
...came a whiff of wind, 
with me within!

i quenched my thirst, 
now dew, you are in my heart and blood,
you run within me.
in me. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sometime back, i was old

When we met the other day,
the day was young in her own way.

Our paths crossed, our battered lives met.
We chatted long about the promises of our lives that were not kept.

We cribbed and cried about our pasts that we couldn’t change.
About the entire transient tomorrows that were without a name.

We shared our joys; we shared our fears,
Spoke of what we loved and what we wish we neared…

I don’t know what we can, or if we can give our relationship a name.
But ever since I have met you, life for me has not been the same.

Those notes, those anecdotes,
those train rides.
That little blush,
the car drives,
the coffee date with you mate.

They say age is a matter of the mind.
May be they just are trying to be kind.

I am graying old, with still no hand to hold
with just tales of pain and a story of frozen love to be told.

As we move on, many lives we might touch,
and many may be loved

you are a young man now,
with a story untold.
i am older,

yet waiting for my life to unfold

I wonder if it is the right time to add,
a chapter in my life…

It would be wonderful, if we are single when years later, we meet again.
And if we still have years left in our lives.

I’d like to confess, (I know this comes out of the blue)
but before you go, I wish you know, “I’d love to grow … young with you”.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

...setting a trail

you know how it feels when your most dreamt dream is realized. you don’t know. you will never know how i feel when i feel what i feel.  this is different. this is special. this is me. while others enjoy their joy of taking spree, i am here silently and profusely experiencing the orgasms of joy of believing. a dream that we believed in. a thought that was like a wingless bird, today flies high in the zenith of the sky.

all across, from india to new york, “Amen” travels and leaves a trail of posterity. this one is not a film, it is a design that decodes and untangles the webs of togetherness, of pain, of conviction… conviction to believe in what we thought, and for what we fought.  against all odds and ghastly winds, to finally deliver this baby with a flight of her own...  now she devices her path. her own path.

“Amen”, you lead, we follow.

“Amen” visits engendered film festival, new york. 

*image courtesy : our google chacha

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