Wednesday, August 04, 2010

...setting a trail

you know how it feels when your most dreamt dream is realized. you don’t know. you will never know how i feel when i feel what i feel.  this is different. this is special. this is me. while others enjoy their joy of taking spree, i am here silently and profusely experiencing the orgasms of joy of believing. a dream that we believed in. a thought that was like a wingless bird, today flies high in the zenith of the sky.

all across, from india to new york, “Amen” travels and leaves a trail of posterity. this one is not a film, it is a design that decodes and untangles the webs of togetherness, of pain, of conviction… conviction to believe in what we thought, and for what we fought.  against all odds and ghastly winds, to finally deliver this baby with a flight of her own...  now she devices her path. her own path.

“Amen”, you lead, we follow.

“Amen” visits engendered film festival, new york. 

*image courtesy : our google chacha

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Banno said...

Congratulations. May 'Amen' travel far and wide.

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