Tuesday, October 19, 2010

games people play...

the hazaar karod balloon at the opening of the common wealth games did manage to shift our focus from kalmadi who was chewing india like he would some bubble gum.  

but it sure scared the shit out of the chief ministerni, when our desh was rangeela, peela peela was our sheila...

no wonder while the world was waking up to glory of india, sheila was busy singing " you are my sonia"... sitting baaju-baaju with the mrs. of gandhi.

here in bombay, (oopsie - mumbai)... all are hand in hand .. big boss and candyfloss.. devi, devil and the wohs... with added attraction by sena's who never shy from showing their "mard taange wala" attitude and press the trigger with no agar magar. Big boss is definitely tempting... we love gupshup about love sex and dhokha, more than we love "love or sex".. here voyeurism gives us more orgasms than what an human organism would.

our land is ripped and raped... by the goons of our world... and lust is the reason... the sole reason... the lust for money for one, and the lust for power. one uses violence, other balloons.

as they look into the matter,
the other critical matters get overlooked.

coming to games...

our gajnified memory... benefits our kalmadi, our modi...
unkaa game nahi bajjega.

game khatam paisa hajam!
it soon will be another case of "khao khujao batti bhujao"

in our country, we have seen so much keeda- kaandi- that we can easily forget, forgive and enjoy another kalmadi.

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