Saturday, October 02, 2010

love is praying!

don’t worry, don’t you cry,
this distance is a moment,
this too will silently pass by. 

when the wind is blowing,
sometimes too hard!
when your shadows are
yet so near, yet so far.
i am near.
with you dear.

feel my breath,
feel me wet.
my tongue my lips,
between your teeth that are kept. 
close your lips,
trap me in.
hear my beat,
let’s do the sin. 
feel my palm
over your hair,
feel my heart
beat in despair.
in a night so young,
with a moon over blown.
let the bed get drenched in our sweat,
shut it's eyes and hear us moan.

let me touch your hip,
and take a dip.
while you take a sip,
of my lip.

let me die this moment,
let me be born.
lets wake up beside,
and wish the night was long.
let us grow long,
let us grow along.

why do you shy,
why are you sad and scared…
you aint dirty,
i aint bad,
our today’s needn’t have our yesterday’s clad.

we are still as pure as dove,
no matter how many we have loved, 

or with made love. 

love is but not about bodies preying
it is our bodies,  where love is praying!

i could, if need be, wait longer…
distances make hearts grow fonder… 


aagan said...

WOW! what a romantic poem....i am already missing my beau after reading this

*Aham* said...

love :) aagan

ssk said...

Darling, this is damn beautiful...

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