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really Donno Y... Na Jaane Kyun!

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The film had excellent PR… coupled with the human angle with the trigger created by the fact that the lead actor – Yuvraj was ostracized from his family for portraying a bisexual character in Donno Y… Naa Jaane Kyun. I should say, that I had several preconceived notions about the film – All Negative.
DONNO Y… NAA JAANE KYUN is a film with myriad complex stories… and one simple message. The film is set to raise many brows for it shakes your conscience as it takes you through the rigmarole of relationships
The protagonists of the film are two male characters. Kapil and Yuvraaj (forget their screen names). Yuvraaj is a family man, married to Rituparna Sen, and has a daughter with her. They seem a happy Anglo- Indian joint family. But when one looks closely they can discover several cracks in relationships.
I wouldn’t want to reveal the entire screenplay of the film here in the name of criticism, but will throw light on several points that stir an emotional chord in the film. Zeenat Aman who plays Yuvraaj’s mom in the film is shown as a single woman who cootchie-coos with her boss to pataao him to fund her children’s bicycle or the Christmas party. She has a monster-in-law, the evil saas (played by Helen) who gossips about her daughter-in-laws affairs with nosy neighbors. While we brand her as the insensitive gossip monger, we suddenly see her standing up for Zeenat when her boss calls her a slut. She stands up for her daughter-in-law and shoos away the incorrigible sex-maniac by telling him that she knows what Zeenat does to fulfill her children’s’ dreams but his wife doesn’t know of his sexual explorations and she would not stoop to his level by informing her about his waywardness.
Another high point is when the happily married Yuvraaj gets into a relationship with Kapil. I know the excellent naked pics of Yuvraaj and Kapil are doing their rounds creating orgasmic pleasure for our eyes that are left lusting for more, the center point of the film is not the scenes that are mercilessly cut by moral guardians in our censor boards, the highlight is that for the first time ever, a gay couple is seen on the Indian screen doing stuff more than just sex, like feeding puppies… gifting each other… or casually conversing about life and romance. Kapil breaks his relationship with Yuvraaj as he decides that Yuvraaj should live with his family and should not two time. Kapil is a model-turned-hooker-turned lover who turns back to his hookergiri after Yuvraaj leaves him.
Meanwhile, Rituparna almost runs away with her brother-in-law Maradona after sleeping with him, but decides to stay back with Yuvraaj at the nth minute. So Yuvraaj and Rituparna become family, while the akela-bechaara Kapil sluts his way to the top of the Bollywood line.
Though, as I said the film has several tracks, where even Kabir Bedi, who happens to be Zeenat Aman’s husband, emerges from the oblivion and gains acceptance slowly slowly in the Anglo Indian household.
Though the relationships ka much-much is a little too much. I feel the film needs to be applauded for its script which is what got all the top-notch actresses from the Kal and Aaj of Bollywood to sign up for this film. What’s beautiful in the script is that it doesn’t show a daughter-in-law who sluts around as the “witchy-bitchy-slutty-savitri”.. it doesn’t pass a moral judgement but leaves you empathizing with a bisexual who sleeps with his boyfriend and his wife… it doesn’t justify or crucify the wife who sleeps with her brother-in-law… and of course, it asks you to accept the present and pardon the past with Kabir Bedi who returns to the family when he is struck with terminal cancer. That’s what is lovely in the film.
So, is this film all good and will it be India’s official entry to Oscars? Is this THE Brokeback Mountain of India??? MADDDOWATT… this film is no close to any Brokeback Mountain. The performances are very unreal, including the ones by stalwarts like Zeenat and Helen are very nautanki type. Kapil and Yuvraaj, I wonder why you guys had to make this an English language film. The film is a perfect #GrammarGandu (twitter slang for incorrect grammar). There are several gadbad gotaalas in English.. but if you have the sense of humour, you will laugh it out like I did. There are several overtly emotional scenes, where you could rather ROFL over the English, than cry or empathize. The scene where Kapil tells Yuvraaj “First you are AN husband” had me biting my lips in control my laughter. Aiyyo Aiyooo Aiyoo! Also, though I will be killed for stating this as in our country we don’t question human gods.. the track by Lata Mangeshkar is boring and ludicrous. I think there are some people who should very royally retire. Lata should retire in her best, for it is an undisputed fact that she is one of the best voices in Asia.
All said, and all done. You should watch this film. For the guts and gumption of Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj… WOW. Though the debate of which is the first gay kiss on Indian screen will go on and on. The film needs to be watched by one and all for you don’t get to watch films that are bold and non judgmental. This isn’t a gay film. It is a film about relationships where one track is about a gay guy and a bisexual guy. Complex relationships are explored in this film.. bisexuality, homosexuality, promiscuity, just wish they got a lesbian angle too… then sone pe suhaaga. Here’s my own twist and additions to the script. How about getting Zeenat in love with a girl-next-door?… it would have been a museum-film with all sexual flavours naa. Wallah!


Anonymous said...

"Is this THE Brokeback Mountain of India??? MADDDOWATT" Hahaha, hilarious review! Seems like a super twisted plot.

Anonymous said...

It is shame, free journalism is so misunderstood - Lataji Retire!! Crap! She is fantastic and you can ask A R Rahman if you have an access to him

srinistuff said...

Well, nice review... I haven't seen it yet... Maybe I wont now... but nonetheless, ya, going by your review, seems like the director/producers were really out to make something IN everyones face hoping that would get them the break and the film would do well... I guess they have a lot to understand about the Indian moviegoing audience... 'We are more intelligent, than you think we are' :P

Good review!

*Aham* said...

anonymous.. freedom of speech! any artist/ performer should be open to criticism.

@srini.. awww! thank you

sexyzoo said...

Cool review :)

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