Friday, December 31, 2010

The Angel That Changed My Life in 2010

the Rain Man
My pari,

At the dusk of this year in which  you and I added each others names to our names,  and showered words and verses over each other generously,

 I thank you for giving me someone to believe in,
someone who is  there,
someone who calls me his own
...and is my own.
Someone who is a child to me
and a parent too.

I remember my want list was too long, and I wanted a boyfriend who is a staunch vegetarian, a bus-train traveler, someone who has “son of india” kind of emotions. And then I found you and fell for you knowing nothing about you actually.

Slowly the sepals opened and the flower bloomed, but not for a second did I think my life has doomed... Though you had it all that was a certain no-no in my list. (AIYOO!)
I love you beyond everything. And I love you so much.

But I love you not for anything, not because of any thing.
For if there is a reason, it is not love.

You know, funnily though, I have a long list of what I dislike in you. My list of likes is too short.

I know I fight with you often.
blame it on my upbringing,
my age.
I know there have been doubts that I have attacked you with.
For our thoughts are as different as chalk and cheese.

I trust you immensely, but am inquisitive about everything about you as would a toddler.
Pardon me if I tress pass, scold me if I repeat...
I wish to tell you this new year, that you are all that I wished I could have.
I know we live apart, but you are a part of my living.

Thank you for being the dawn of my life. This year and every year.
I wish to spend my life with you.
It may not be conventional. May be our relationship doesn’t have a name. But we could define it and make a new society, where man and man can live with love and be accepted and loved by everybody.

I don’t wish to show the world anything. But yes, we can make a difference to this world.

Remember the day you landed in Bombay from Chennai, I had a poster in my hand.. like a placard..
I ask you again... in front of this social site that it all started.

i have nothing to give you this new year... but have something to ask for ....

Will you marry me?


Arcopol Chaudhuri said...

Woohoo! Pari, say YES! :)

Adee said...

now that is called beginning a new new year!!! :)

Navneet said...

sooper like:-)

Phunk Factor said...

Oh Me Gawwwwwwwd!!!

Say 'Yes!'

Don't know either of you...been stalking one of u since the past few months....think u two are amazing...hope u two are happy together forever! :D

Mahesh said...

heyyyyyy Pariiiiiiii

Say yes..... you wont get such a guy again!!! :)

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