Monday, December 20, 2010

BlogCamp @IIT Bombay

happa! what an action packed weekend. saturday i was with some wilsonians speaking about child sexual abuse, and sunday ko blog camp. this was a sickly sunday, when i almost gave the blogcamp a miss. i sent messages to everybody saying that i might not join in. but dil toh bachha hai ji! and my dil was in iit, and wanted to be where the action was. i jhatpat popped in a few pills and rushed to iit bombay.

i jumped in the middle of the presentation and with my usual “rukhavat ke liye khed hai” style.

then i sat through all the presentations. there was so much about travel and tourism, for a second i thought i was sitting for an iata lecture.  i could hear giggles whenever the speaker spoke about “going down”... (uff! and i thought i was the pervert! lol ) jokes apart! the sessions were nice and with a lot of value. it felt nice to see everyone so enthusiastic to speak and share. and what preparation – wallah... powerpoint presentations and all. i am impressed. i liked the cartoon stuff that dashing andheriwala blogdost shared, (i want to put cartoons on my blog too. send me the website url na)  and there was talk about poetry- very very insightful i say...  there was something that the speaker spoke about - haiku... i have seen it doing its rounds in my timeline, but couldn’t make head or tail what it is. now i have some idea.. 

photograph chorried from vishal gakari's facebook album without his permission. 
ki karaa, control nahi hotta.

i spoke about sex and sexuality – (i mean- not porn stuff) but about child sexual abuse and how blogs are coming out of the closet. i mentioned about how i wrote a poem to my beautiful maa in law... and how my other half – parikshith knew all about me through my blog. i also mentioned about my quirky train tweets about how no one is amused or amazed when i tweet about finding a hottie in the train! it has become as common as someone spotting an item or a maal. optimist that i am, i believe, sooner or later, sexuality will become a nonissue. i mentioned about my spammeshwari dost chandni who spams for a cause and how she contributes to that also auto populates in my facebook and twitter. 

simply boleh toh.. had a fantastic time at the iit bombay blogcamp but i wished there were some studentlog from iit who were there as active participants too. it looked like we had rented the place... it would have been better if it was iit b who was actually organizing it and driving it.  khair, koi baat nahi... agle saal hi sahi... id love to watch students get into the organizer mode. 

i eagerly await the next blogcamp... you all are invited to join in.

faltu ka bhaav nahi khaaneka... gup chup aaneka. 

aayega toh welcome.. nahi toh bheed kam.

kaun kyaa bola about the experience... 

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p.s. pardon my typos, and #grammargandu giri

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