Monday, December 06, 2010

you lead, i'll follow

i did not let you flow.
i chained your stream,
and froze your dream. 

i said i would come along,
but left the duet
alone you were left to sing alone your couplet.

i hate myself now,
that i realize how wrong i was.
i see your crushed maps, and i realize i am the cause.

i wish i could have mellowed,

i wish i could have asked you to not kill your route...
i wish you fought with me, and called me brute. 

but you followed me,
like the sunflower does the source of the day.
blindfolded yourself, entrusted and trusted me with the decision of your way...

i may have to walk a mile,
to reach, without refrain,
i wish i could reach too, and sustain... 

don’t crush your maps for me...
please direct the way,
i have lived my life, now i wish to live it your way...

make me a way...
dont blindly follow mine. 
just keep your hand on my shoulder and see me shine. 

but remember my other half,
to be with you, i long,
for to without you, i just don't belong... 

it scares me
to see your river so shallow...
now you lead, i shall follow

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