Tuesday, April 06, 2010

You Are My ShoNia

They always skirt important issues...  

.. it all started with her flying skirt, then her dates, and now her life mate.

I usually don’t engage in media bashing. As I am very unfashionable, but this time, dimaag ko shot happened.

The Hyderabadi Biryani has been seen as a mere masala by the digghaj's in the media. The way she laments on TV, it is not difficult to presume that she soon might become the Princess Diana of Indian sports.

Everything she does becomes a headline. Whom she courts, concerns us more than, how she plays on the court. We stand in the stands, left with nothing to understand.

I dont know why the media want to play the real villain in this Veer-Zaara love story.

And the engendered tigers have also roared… They are singing " you are my... you are my... you are my SHO-NIA"... Wish they did spend some time and efforts and raised their voice for the Pune girl. who was raped with the same vengeance. But khair, rape and rapists are non issues. The Sho-Nia love story is where th real meat is.

TOI has become a ghanchakker running behind stories of people’s chakkars. They are fast becoming yesteryears Mid-Day- minus the mate, but with stories of Dates.

Whether Shoaib had hallu hallu "hello hello" nikaah... or did Ayesha dupe her by actually showing someone elses pics.. who cares. Ayesha ulf Maha should just stop churaooing plots from bollywood films... (remember The Angry Chetan ka Chetna)


And about Shohaib. What a loss to the Indian media

The Indian Tiger Wood… is not even Indian. Shame Shame.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Love Letter to the CEO of Bombay Gymkhana

(reposted from Gaysifamily)

My darling CEO,
I read about your heroic act of shooing away Laxmi Narayan Tripathi from Bombay Gymkhana. Wow!
Ever since that time, I have been thinking of you in ecstasy. You have conquered my dreams. My Sapno ka Rajkumar. I can visualize  you as a maharaja, riding a white stallion, with a battalion of members of Bombay Gymkhana as your subjects behind you, who support and love you so much, screaming   ‘Hail CEO!’
Your  subjects, I know, would not ask  you to step down as CEO for discriminating. No matter what they say in TV and  print, they love you as their CEO. And what wrong have you done? NOTHING! You have just thrown out a transgender. And come on! that’s a superhuman deed.
To me you are a symbol of strength. Laxmi  is an international name and is an inspiration for many.  People who attended her TEDX workshop loved her talk and championed her cause.
These people who speak in favor of Laxmi are foolish. Aren’t they? If you don’t like somebody entering YOUR  gymkhana, you should not have that person loitering around there. You are  right. Always right.
And CEOji I am simply in awe of the way you exercised your power to bulldoze. The sentiments of so many who are fighting for equal rights in our country. No one  should have equal rights, should they? According to you, a discriminating  society ruled by those who encompass the majority is how it should be. Full stop!
I know exactly how you might feel about  these petite people from the media who glorify Laxmi and lambast you.  Retaliate, I say! In fact, call the Indian Press and Media “jingoistic”, “looking for  masala”, “playing to the gallery”, etcetera, etcetera. You will be seen more fashionable then. A little tadka of fame in your already colorful  personality, does no harm na! It will put you in the same league as many other bigwigs.
I’d  love to see you in that position.
Finally, Mr. CEO, it must be evident to  you, so needless to say – how much I love you. Since you love throwing  people out can I ask you out?
Lovingly yours,
(Backgrounder : Laxmi, A transgender is an active voice for equal rights. She was invited by TEDx as a speaker.  The TEDx party was at Bombay Gymkhana, and the gymkhana CEO shooed Laxmi away. This love letter is in response to this incident)
Read the HT article here:  Shame on club!

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