Friday, September 02, 2011

A Kind Heart

sometimes you pray so strongly that it manifests itself in action. 

on wednesday, i set out on a lunch date with 2 of my pals. 
my bag was open. and my wallet found its way out of my bag. 

i had some money. and some  credit cards, debit cards. but more than all of it, i had some very fond memories stored and associated with my wallet. 

i called up Shiv like i always do when i am in crisis. 
he was praying then. he heard me out and said - you will get it. kattayamma kadaikum (you will definitely get it). he also advised me to not block my cards in haste, as he just so strongly felt that strongly. 

i wondered how   could be so sure that i would get my wallet that i lost on wednesday with credit cards and cash back. i didnt take the risk. i blocked my cards.  

and today, on friday, i get a call from an absolute stranger- Mr. Shinde who found my wallet. Now this man, Mr. Shinde, is a man in his 60's-70's. he found my credit and debit cards. he called up my debit/credit card bank for my number... he then chanced upon my office identity card which had my office number. 

he called me just now. he verified the details. and told me to collect my card.

it is so easy to get enticed by the lure of money. he did not have to  resist the temptation... how could he resist... when he wasnt tempted at all?

such is the power of positive belief. Especially when you pray for someone other than yourself. And so strongly. 

Thank you Mr. Shinde for returning my wallet. you might not be on FB but this would reach you. this had to be shared. i will share it. kindness kindles kindness... and the wave of kindness  shall spread its tentacles far and wide. 

Shiv, I thrive on your positivism. 
needless to say
thank you for being you. :) thank you.. and love you for this. :)


karush kadam said...

yeah...this can happen actually..thou a rare incidence..power of positive thinking,can make some impossible things happen...but its good to knw dat u had not lost a touch wid reality n had blocked ur cards..this touch is also very much essential to keep our feet to da ground n to get us going..

*Aham* said...

thanks kurush. i agree. :)

Chintan said...

ah! good to know we have honest people in this world, even today :)
such a relief find something that you had lost..

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