Wednesday, September 14, 2011

speaking up... weaning out

A curious stranger in train recognized me and asks me if he could have a word with me in private.

We got down at the next station and sat on the railway bench.

He initiated the conversation with a tremble of happiness in his voice.

It was like he has seen some happy ghost like casper or so.

He knew much abt me, much about me.

- my blogs, my love, my education...


I was kind of amazed by the way he spoke about me.

I was obviously flattered and pleasantly shocked.

I wondered what was it that he wanted to tell me more.

Did he ask me to get down with him so that he could just tell me that he has read about me.... ??? So wandered my mind.
When I was abt to leave he suddenly opened his buttons to reveal a scar.
His father had beaten him when he refused sex with him.
And I was the first person to know about it.- a stranger.He in his 20s and living by himself now.

Smart, young, straight and handsome.

Before we Hug a good bye - he quotes me..
"The greatest pleasure of life is not finding someone to speak to, but finding someone to listen. "
He wanted me to share. So, the post. 

YUPP! My posts invite and incite a lot of attention.
and the endless name calling starts.
Popularity comes with a prize. Me and my loved ones pay it everyday.
(O! i'm almost sounding like a martyr. Which i actually am not :) lol)

But I wonder, had I not shared,
Had I not spoken,
Had I not lived life inside out,
this one boy,
like many others I have met ever since i opened up, 

may be would have not mustered the courage to speak up and share their innermost well-kept secrets.

Guess i know the sound of silence. it is deafening
Yes, I know how it feels to be quiet and
So, do I say - it is important to share.

It's good to believe that the world is beautiful. Indeed it is.
But like the cliché goes... Chaand mein bhi daag hota hai...

And nothing comforts a bleeding heart, than a heart that's weaned out the pain....

Hai naa?


meetu said...

you are one of a kind aham! Keep spreading the comfort! *huggs*

*Aham* said...

thanks meetu. :) hugggs.

Jarul said...

HIYER You go the cloud gets thinner!!! Im sure you experience this a million times!!! Thank you for your listening, its a great talent and many are poorer not having it! Your expression is given by this miracle called "life" God bless!

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