Wednesday, October 05, 2011

the art of deception

am tired. 

really tired.. 
of lies and liars. 
and of truth that's hidden
and everything forbidden. 

wish to go abroad far and beyond. 
to somewhere that no one knows. 
where the sun shines bright
and no one raises brows. 

where i can be me. 
like i have never been before. 
will someone hear my plea
someone take me to a new shore...

i have grown my wings, 
i flutter them, i am about to fly. 
but the sky is sly. 
the sky is sly. 
the sky is sly.
the sky is so damn sly. 

(and old old poem i had written. guess when there was slander campaign against me in college)


Banno said...

I had forgotten all about slander campaigns in college. And how vicious they could be. I liked the line, 'the sky is sly'.

*Aham* said...

thanks Banno.

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