Tuesday, October 25, 2011


i wagged my tail, 
in pain,
in vain,
i was huge and bulky, 
people were scared, 
and i was so hated for that. 

but i loved till i dropped. 
they pelted stones and whips,
i still didn't stop. 
i still didnt stop. 

i didn't want to reap, 
no riches no biscuits or treat, 
but i wanted to stop my master from being a creep
i wanted to stand by example 
i wanted him  to understand. 
i wanted him to stand,
i wanted him to take a stand. 

so i stood my ground. 
and showed him the way. 
listened and licked his tears, 
and told him to love and love 
when the fate gives away. 

today he stands, 
in front of my tomb. 
with heart full of love 
he is fresh out of the cocoon. 

those prickly thorns long forgotten,
i smile from haven, 
i know my love has been fruitful and it is to use, 
for he has learnt to say no to abuse. 

wish he was smiling, when i was with him. 
wish he didn't think then he sinned. 

im happy now, 
for now i know that he seeds his heart, 
decides what grows. 
for this is not the life he lives, 
this is the life he chose. 

- jimmy parvathy venkateshwaran

happy birthday jimmy. 

i don't miss you. 
how can i, when i'm with you. 

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