Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Know Not

do you see liar written?
source: BrainDen

The moon is listless,
the sun is lost in clouds,
Why can't  you hear my heart beat aloud...

 The bird is chirping,
it is singing our song,
I think she knows how much I long...

The sea is quiet,
the waves recede,
how much to control how much to conceal ...

I think it's time for me to know,
I think it is time to give my life a go...

I can't be more helpless than I already am, 

I need to cajole  my  mind - un calm.

I now clasp my life,
A firm grip alone i hold,
The unsaleable part of my heart so bold.

I'd let you play the guessing game,
Be content that all content has been known,
But mind it, my mind has a story of her own

I am in many folklores,
but still with a chapter unwritten...
Buried deep within....

 ...Still with a story untold!!!!
... Still with a story untold!!!!

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