Sunday, October 23, 2011

't never happened.

scared and scared
 woods so stark,
the lonely me,
within a windy sea.

home afar
life ajar.
the crooked clock
timed untimed.

crime-a- time,
then like a trick
black-n-yellow rick
came to pick.

single n sole,
pounding soul,
balm and bomb
hymn n shriek
got in it.
with a mind so sick
road alone,
night overblown,
silent sound
so loud
cloud un-cloud.

off the spark divine.
scare inside
no uncouth me.
alone distressed,
tainted, stretched and spread

two more got in.
now three and driver
not left to die in lone night
the night sea and divers
then ahead,
a little ploy
the two aboard,
middle me.
wanted to toy.

touch uncomfortable,
sensed rhythm-less fiddle.
told it off
sick un- meddle

the two dirty minds,
babel and bable,
straight and strait,
daunted tainted disdained

the prey prayed
as the dirty-wretched
hands played.

give me all you have,
a voice said,
pushed the head
down unzipped to give a head.

touched and felt up
emotions rocketed
all the pent up.

no one else
lonely road
only voices heard
of crocking toad.

victim man
a lad in mind
ran with a scream.
in time untimed.

then came, another rick in scene
a boon godsent for
the woe underwent

hopped in it
as it ran away
the windy winds
withered away

in the rick,
night of pain
do i speak as i tremble,
i tremble as i speak…
standing in the rain.
inane. insane.
inane. insane.
still haven't given up hope.
still hold on to my song.
"no night is too long.
no night is too long. "

tomorrow is another song, 
no use being grief stricken,
tell the mind. 
for what happened, 
never happened
it never happened. 
it never did happen. 

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