Thursday, February 24, 2011

TV9 - sleaze stings stink!!!

When you thought stings are to “expose” the evils in the society and make people accountable for their mistakes. You are wrong.

Now-a-days channels are interested in sleaze.

In short this is what they did –

TV9 Hyderabad did a story on the “gay culture” in Hyderabad. They logged into a popular gay dating site with a  fake profile and dirty­-chatted with some gay men and then exposed them on their channel along with their profile details.

What happened to the exposed guys?

Some still grappling with their sexuality have attempted suicide. My phone, email  and facebook chat is abuzz with distress and worr

You could get the detailed story here at Gaysi

 I was initially toying on the idea of a condom protest where we could wear a condom on our middle finger as a sign of protest.  Discussed it with members of Queer Azaadi Mumbai and the popular opinion was that it will look frivolous. So now we are going to give them letters of dissent.  

Aditya Bandopadhyay, a lawyer and a friend, has also slapped  a legal  notice  against TV9’s irresponsible shoddy journalism. 

Time is now to put our activist hats and get on ground to do something about whats happening.

We just cant be sitting ducks here.

Least we can do is express our dissent and the fact that we are upset to other channels and use the power of social media to boycott channels like these which are unethical in their reportage.

I am going to their office tomorrow as a part of the collective effort put by Queer Azaadi March group in Mumbai.

what we will do there we yet don’t know clearly. But for sure, no slogan shouting or anything close to that. Will update this space when there is more clarity – promishhhh.

Join me for this peace protest…?

Address and details here 

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